{Permanently Banned} Joey: 1-S2-1-12691214; moogle: 1-S2-1-10474183

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    Re: Joey: 1-S2-1-12691214

    I could make another post for this one but it'd probably get merged into this thread anyways and it's fairly redundant, so just dropping this here.

    Have a replay where Joey sent racist abuse at another player during lag chat. Didn't manage to get a good screenshot amidst the anti-cheat spam, but given that he was also spamming the same message in the lobby chat I'm approximately 95% sure it was Joey.
    -Mafia- (210).SC2Replay

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    Re: Joey: 1-S2-1-12691214

    ID Verification :

    Joey 1-S2-1-12691214 Correct
    (+) moogle 1-S2-1-10474183


    Well, JoeyDX, as a guess ?

    Spoiler : game1 :

    I 00:07 Joey ALL dont leave faggot.
    I 00:12 Joey ALL fucking dumb faggot
    I 00:38 Joey ALL -Ryukokki
    I 01:38 Joey ALL shut up you ignorant nigger
    I 02:00 Joey ALL -death note Die fag
    I 02:01 Joey ALL -lw
    I 02:18 Joey ALL yes
    I 03:22 Joey ALL brb watching porn
    I 05:14 Joey ALL -notafk
    I 05:21 Joey ALL 14 is auditor
    I 05:40 Joey ALL what does unrequited mean
    I 06:47 Joey ALL lol tommy oliver
    I 06:51 Joey ALL we got a power ranger here
    I 07:48 Joey ALL lol

    Spoiler : game2 :

    I 00:11 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -prefer veteran,jailor,bus driver,vigilante,easter bunny,lookout,spy,coroner,crier,armorsmith,survivo r
    I 00:18 [UwUMob]moogle ALL go go go
    I 00:20 [UwUMob]moogle ALL no homos
    I 00:31 Joey ALL -Chappie
    I 00:33 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -This is a SICKNESSSSS
    I 01:14 Joey ALL what is a novel ai
    I 01:19 [UwUMob]moogle ALL 8 U AWESOME
    I 01:35 [UwUMob]moogle ALL who are u talking to?
    I 01:52 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -lw
    I 02:50 [UwUMob]moogle ALL MAFIA AND TRIAD?
    I 03:16 [UwUMob]moogle ALL il love A&p
    I 03:38 [UwUMob]moogle ALL ANY LEAD?
    I 03:51 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -pm 12 u prob 1 of theses gay leftist
    I 04:35 [UwUMob]moogle ALL how woudl u knwo that 13 is kira?
    I 04:41 Joey ALL get 13
    I 04:44 [UwUMob]moogle ALL role
    I 04:45 Joey ALL inno
    I 04:45 [UwUMob]moogle ALL and lw
    I 04:49 [UwUMob]moogle ALL NO ROLE OR LW
    I 05:19 [UwUMob]moogle ALL UR MOMMA IS CRINGE .. NIGGA
    I 05:45 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -LW
    I 05:47 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -lw
    I 05:49 Joey ALL I think kira might be witch
    I 05:52 Joey ALL im gonna rb him
    I 06:02 Joey ALL dont let the witch live. he wil kill us
    I 06:33 Joey ALL akivar is a nigger
    I 06:33 Joey ALL akivar is a nigger
    I 06:35 Joey ALL akivar is a nigger
    I 06:58 [UwUMob]moogle ALL wtf
    I 08:00 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -pm 11 im bd
    I 08:10 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -lw n1 - 15 and 3/n2- 15 and 7
    I 08:18 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -pm 11 n1 15 and 3/n2 - 15-7
    I 08:50 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -lw
    I 09:25 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -pm 11 bussed u with 5
    I 09:53 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -pm 3 i did not visit 8 ln
    I 10:49 [UwUMob]moogle ALL nigga visited evisl only n1 and n2 ...
    I 11:10 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -pm 11 3 changed his lw .,.. he todl me in pm i visited 8 ln
    I 12:04 [UwUMob]moogle ALL -lw
    I 12:53 [UwUMob]moogle ALL i was bd
    I 12:56 [UwUMob]moogle ALL i bussed u ln 2

    Player Offenses

    Joey : Smurfing (Ban Evasion), Other (Racism), Griefing

    moogle : Griefing

    Previous Offenses

    Joey : None.

    moogle : 3x Intentional Gamethrowing, last in date June 2021 WLx2

    Recommended Action

    Joey : Permaban

    moogle : WLx2

    Additional Notes

    Thanks for the report !
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    just like Agrael Acriel and Auwt being the original 3 baddies
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    But Potoss has Pobes, Zeelot, and Acrons!
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    Screw you I actually have more grudges towards the people who have their names start with A

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