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    OPTIMUSPRIME: 1-S2-1-7509607

    Hello, I would like to request for a point restoration on my account since I had unit repaired and had my files fully reset
    Anyhow, below are the following details need as per indicated in the forums:

    Account Name: OPTIMUSPRIME
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-7509607
    Your Server: Americas
    Approximate Points: 18,000 something last time I checked

    I am hoping that you may help me in my simple problem. Thank you for your time and effort. God bless!

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    Re: OPTIMUSPRIME: 1-S2-1-7509607

    Approved for: 7078 points, 227 wins, and 287 games played.

    This is all I can find in the database, dating back to mid 2020, but you may want to ask on the server if anyone else has seen you more recently than that.

    To complete your restore you'll need to meet up with an admin in-game. Your best bet is to use the @point restore tag on our discord until you find one.
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