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    Account Name: Frozen

    Account Name: Frozen
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-1960603
    Your Server: North America
    Approximate Points: 23k

    Hello, I had to restart my computer again due to constant crashes and would like to request a point restore. Luckily I backed up all my replays this time with proof I have prefer unlocked. I also had the "Queen" skin unlocked that unlocks at 23k but i dont really care too much for that as long as i can get the 20k for prefer.

    -Mafia- (38).SC2Replay

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    Re: Account Name: Frozen

    Approved for 23847 points, 647 wins, 915 games and achievements: Forever Alone, Epic Fail, Incognito, Hammer and Sickle, Happily Ever After, Flawless Victory, Divine Guidance, Last of Kin, State Religion, Suicide Hotline, Yo Dawg, Jailbreak, Licensed to Kill, Corleone, Medical malpractice, Identity Crisis, Judge of Dread, Kool Aid, and Love Conquers All.

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    Re: Account Name: Frozen

    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    MM Magoroth and Distorted are the 3 baddies
    just like Agrael Acriel and Auwt being the original 3 baddies
    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    MafiaZ and Skwirl its all a repeat of history
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkRevenant View Post
    But Potoss has Pobes, Zeelot, and Acrons!
    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    Screw you I actually have more grudges towards the people who have their names start with A



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