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    Re: lag cheat

    Zmanzimms 1-S2-1-1282394 Correct

    Respective Hotkeys

    Zman is the LO in slot 14, he watches 6 n1 and sees 15 visit him. During the lag screen he spams:

    I 03:11 ZmanZimms ALL yo man
    I 03:11 ZmanZimms ALL 15 killed 6
    I 03:11 ZmanZimms ALL 15 kiled 6 get 15
    I 03:11 ZmanZimms ALL 15 kiled 6 get 15

    which leads to 15 being lynched

    Replay is incomplete, no way to know if game was affected

    Player Offenses
    Lag Cheating

    Previous Offenses
    Old reports from 2016

    Recommended Action
    WLx 2

    Additional Notes
    Technically town wouldve known this information anyway but u still shouldnt be giving that info during lag screen anway. Thank you for the report.

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