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    Question Guy (1-S2-1-10908751)

    Account Name: Guy
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-10908751
    In-Game Name: Rachyl Roxxx

    Crimes Committed: Intentional Gamethrowing

    Your Account Name: xenor
    Guy rolls Jailor, jails 11 at first night, 11 basically claims Judge(later on saying that he thought that there will be a party, according to 12 claim) in jail, then claims Mayor. It is an understandable execution, though Jailor still could have told 11 to reveal during the day instead of killing him. On the next day, Guy reveals himself as Jailor, gets voted up, town decides to inno. After the trial, Guy says that he will jail and execute 3, 6 or 10, who voted guilty on him and did not believe his Jailor claim. On this very same day 6 pm 12, where he says that he will throw a party tonight. By this moment, 12 is confirmed Party Host, as he revealed himself on Day 1 and confirmed himself during Night 1. Guy jails 3, who claims Bodyguard, decides to execute him. This execution seems like a random Jailor execution, but what happens on the next night actually makes me think that it was an act of revenge for calling Guy Interrogator and voting guilty on him during day 2 trial. On the Day 3 Jailor decides to jail 6, who actually was revealed by 12(confirmed Party Host) during the day as another Party Host. In this setup, Party Host can throw a party twice, all 3 nights have a party, which confirms that there are 2 Party Hosts, not to mention what 12 said during the Day 3. Despite that, Guy jails 6, 6 claims Party Host, and gets executed. Eventually, Town loses the game to Triads.
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    Re: Guy (1-S2-1-10908751)

    Guy 1-S2-1-10908751 Correct

    Respective Hotkeys

    Guy is the jailor in slot 1, he understandably executes mayor because the first thing mayor said was "target evens". Then he understandably executes 3 who claims body guard, 3 was pushing for a lynch on 1 when he could have executed someone else to prove he was jailor and not interro. However, when he decides to jail 6 is where you can make the case for game-throwing.
    In jail 1 says to 6:
    I 10:31 [MafiaZ]Guy ALL why do you ruin so many lobbies
    I 10:33 [MafiaZ]Guy ALL with your prescense

    The game was affected as this lead to town losing since jailor killed 3 townies, 1 of which was confirmed.

    Player Offenses
    reactionary gamethrowing

    Previous Offenses
    Intentional Gamethrowing https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...-S2-1-10908751
    Griefing (Role Quitting https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...-S2-1-10908751)
    Intentional Gamethrowing https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...-S2-1-10908751
    And a LOT of evidence/on-hold old reports

    Recommended Action
    WLx 2

    Additional Notes
    At the start it didn't seem like he was game-throwing, just playing normally. It is only after constantly being accused that he begins to throw the game, so I have changed the offence to "reactionary" gamethrowing. Have a nice day and thank you for the report.

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    Re: Guy (1-S2-1-10908751)

    Official Appeal for | https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...S2-1-10908751) | report filed 7/11/22 for incident on 7/11/22 (5:38 PM EST)

    To start this appeal, i would like to point out that for the past few weeks Amber (a.k.a Pineapple) has been harassing me along with multiple others citing this game as the reason im a gamethrower and should be banned. Allow me to attempt to explain my point of view;

    The first execute is always n1 and it is without prejudice. You may not like it, but it's the strategy that works. In this case, the mayor was seen typing before realizing he was in a cell. He claims "thought there was gonna be a party"
    How does the mayor know there is a PH in game?
    At the start of D2, 6 claims "I thought that when there is a party, jailor cannot jail" This proves that 6 was skyping with whoever the mayor was, or at the very least, knew that jailor had jailed the Mayor. I thought it was odd, so i attempted to restore the town government by claiming that i was the Jailor.
    6 actively prevented the town from establishing order by countering my jailor claim by spamming about how i was interrogator. I would be fully prepared to argue that because of the way 6 reacted to my jailor claim, he actively derailed any hopes the town had of winning this game by distracting the jailor.

    The last lynch is where ChannelMiner assumes that i reactionary gamethrew, as i intentionally jailed the Party Host. His claims are that because there were 3 parties, that i should have believed atleast 2 of the party claims.
    Its at this moment i will point out that Jailor cannot see Party chat, so therefore has absolutely no way of confirming a party host claim.
    This was the problem i was having during the game, i didn't see any parties so i thought i was being manipulated by evil-doers.

    I understand the motivations behind the warning, and i will accept any future findings or ruling in this matter. I do wish that others would take the time to consider other points of view before they spammed "REPORT TROLL", however.
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    Re: Guy (1-S2-1-10908751)

    @Guy I think channel is actually being quite reasonable here.

    If you pull up the replay to the following times: 2:23, 8:47, 14:20, it actually tells you in the chat that a party is being hosted. You can see it even as a jailor, therefore you saying you couldn't know about the parties being hosted doesn't make sense unless you were unaware of this mechanic.

    It also explains why the mayor thought a party was being hosted on n1, and why he spoke out. The mayor was able to see the message saying a party was going to be hosted before night came, so he had probably planned to speak out because of that.

    6 skyping with the mayor also doesn't make sense because of that logic. If he was, he would have known you weren't interrogator and did not give the mayor any information that he didn't already have access to.

    Watchlist x2 seems pretty reasonable though, and I think that channel actually spent more time on this report than you may have previously thought.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mesk514 View Post
    1-I really and truly believe @Unknown1234 is town. He stuck by me when I needed him
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    Wow, this game was really easy. I just had to talk dumb shit to survive some days more. :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    If sheriff cleared you honestly I would take him out of my town core and put him as scum.

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    Re: Guy (1-S2-1-10908751)

    @Unknown1234 Thank you for your input on the subject. I do think ChannelMiner didn't properly analyze the situation that was occuring.
    I am unaware of the party message regarding Jailor, as far as i was concerned in that moment was i had 1 dead party host and another person claiming party host which i couldn't confirm. It does NOT explain, as you said, how the mayor knew a party was being hosted, as the mayor actually typed BEFORE said party message would've been displayed and read and processed. Mayor clearly wanted to type in chat BEFORE he knew a chat was being hosted. I ask you to again monitor 6's chat logs regarding the mayor's execution.
    Again tying back into the fact that i was repeatedly denied a claim in jail, the town were acting suspicious and against my interests. I believe had every right and good intention as the jailor to execute the players who were misleading and misdirecting the town as I attempted to claim government position.

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    Re: Guy (1-S2-1-10908751)

    I went back and checked what you were referring to, and 11 (mayor) does not actually say anything involving a party being hosted until after the prompt about a party comes up. It's possible you're confusing him with #12, who was claiming the party being hosted day 1. In the event that you aren't, the party host prompt appears at the very end of day 1 when talking is no longer available. I don't see where the mayor had information about a party in advance.

    As to why 6 thought you were interrogator, he actually questioned someone saying "u sure" and then said "jailor or interro" after multiple people had already spammed it was interrogator. He says the mayor said it was interro when the mayors last will pops up saying "interro" and does not start pushing until that message had appeared.

    Even on day 3 which is right after you executed 3, he initially states interro having 2 executions is a dumb update, but then proceeds to vote against his scum-reads, and even says "execute 9 if you really are jailor" which leads me to believe he did eventually acknowledge you were jailor. I think what was said when you jailed him was purely out of rage and not what he thought.

    If you did not look for the message prior to your recent response, and you are interested in it, I would suggest checking so you can understand when it happens. I feel like it might clear up a lot of this reports issues
    Quote Originally Posted by Mesk514 View Post
    1-I really and truly believe @Unknown1234 is town. He stuck by me when I needed him
    Quote Originally Posted by Gyrlander View Post
    Wow, this game was really easy. I just had to talk dumb shit to survive some days more. :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    If sheriff cleared you honestly I would take him out of my town core and put him as scum.



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