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    Re: on bank file issue, I might request point request someday

    How to fix the glitch on your bank file.

    Spoiler : two points before the specific solution. :

    the most valuable post in this thread is this line :

    Quote Originally Posted by DJarJar View Post
    the "save name" lines in the banks were incrementing by a single whitespace
    What is happening?
    In every game, your bank file is getting grown. And your "savename(1~3)" values get filled with a long column of whitespaces.
    That causes the bank file issue.

    How can I avoid the problem?
    All you need is to overwrite "save names"

    You can name your saves with "-savename#" command.

    Frinckles : "Type -savename1 (name)"
    You could only access -savename1 at the point of 5th June,
    It unlocked -savename2 &3 for me when I checked on 17th June (Friday?).

    I have no idea how many points you need to reach those commands.
    But I believe the players who encountered the bank glitch would have more than 50k points for those commands.
    (according to Frinckles, 20k points for save slot 1)

    (I asked some mods/admins "How can I overwrite save names?"
    But I didn't get an answer.
    I had to look up all announcements in the January log.
    Oh yes. I remember Frinckles suggested to me "Why don't you name your save?"
    But I didn't know how.

    I feel Mafia 2.0 has a problem with the way of announcements.)

    Additional note. Your bank file still grows after the override.
    so it's a coping approach. We are looking forward to a fixed patch.

    (II) the coping approach.

    Overwrite your save names with typing "-savename1 (name)"

    Same with -savename2, -savename3 (name)

    For example:
    Type "-savename1 Caroler 8331", and your save1 name will be set to "Caroler 8331"
    I'm using "a blue blank, a white blank, and a red blank" with <html> tag for each save. (Tricolore!)

    Thank you


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