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    Re: on bank file issue, I might request point request someday

    How to fix the glitch on your bank file.

    Spoiler : two points before the specific solution. :

    the most valuable post in this thread is this line :

    Quote Originally Posted by DJarJar View Post
    the "save name" lines in the banks were incrementing by a single whitespace
    What is happening?
    In every game, your bank file is getting grown. And your "savename(1~3)" values get filled with a long column of whitespaces.
    That causes the bank file issue.

    How can I avoid the problem?
    All you need is to overwrite "save names"

    You can name your saves with "-savename#" command.

    Frinckles : "Type -savename1 (name)"
    You could only access -savename1 at the point of 5th June,
    It unlocked -savename2 &3 for me when I checked on 17th June (Friday?).

    I have no idea how many points you need to reach those commands.
    But I believe the players who encountered the bank glitch would have more than 50k points for those commands.
    (according to Frinckles, 20k points for save slot 1)

    (I asked some mods/admins "How can I overwrite save names?"
    But I didn't get an answer.
    I had to look up all announcements in the January log.
    Oh yes. I remember Frinckles suggested to me "Why don't you name your save?"
    But I didn't know how.

    I feel Mafia 2.0 has a problem with the way of announcements.)

    Additional note. Your bank file still grows after the override.
    so it's a coping approach. We are looking forward to a fixed patch.

    (II) the coping approach.

    Overwrite your save names with typing "-savename1 (name)"

    Same with -savename2, -savename3 (name)

    For example:
    Type "-savename1 Caroler 8331", and your save1 name will be set to "Caroler 8331"
    I'm using "a blue blank, a white blank, and a red blank" with <html> tag for each save. (Tricolore!)

    Thank you


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    Re: Bank Reset workaround

    I have had the bank issue twice now for two different reasons. You can always solve the problem by finding your mafia bank, and deleting it. You may need to run Ccleaner. If that does not work, and DJarJar and myself ran into this problem, it will be solved by deleting all SC2 Banks on your hard drive (you can save a backup) and running Ccleaner.



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