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    Quote Originally Posted by Renegade View Post
    2.0 is sadly broken and abandoned.
    this is not true

    Quote Originally Posted by Yodaddy2 View Post
    This is ridiculous and this bug cost town the game. 3 Street Racers when max count says 2. Everyone thought 1 SR claim was Actress but once disguiser disguised, we knew it wasn't the case. This was a chaos setup with Bonker. Please fix this.

    Replay: Street Racer Bug.SC2Replay

    The max count thing uses some math that isn't always accurate when it runs into random slots. I can agree that it can be misleading and should probably be removed but it's been this way since long before frinckles started developing. This is pretty common knowledge amongst active players though so i am surprised that you both were confused.

    Street racer is town support and the save has 2 town randoms and 1 town support = max 3 street racers.

    This has nothing to do with street racer though.

    e.g. Sheriff it says max 3 when there could be 4 (two town invest and 2 town rand slots).
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