[Roles] Possible error with roles/alist/achievements

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    Possible error with roles/alist/achievements

    I'm Learz, 1-S2-1-1832207

    I probably haven't played Mafia in about a year or more, so the last time I played was before the Mafia 2.0 and addition of all the new roles (Poisoner, etc). Something appears to be wrong with my -alist and roles. I've attached a replay as well as 3 screenshots.

    Visible errors:
    - the alist shows the town role of "townnulltwo"
    - achievements show "all town", "all mafia", which is clearly incorrect with the new roles added
    - previously completed/won roles now show up again in the alist
    - the town alist roles of "Justice" and "townnulltwo" is incorrect due to all the new roles being added. I have since won a game as Constable, but again, the town alist was not showing that and is not showing the other new roles.

    So, I'm not sure what's up with it or what needs to happen. If it helps, I'd like to keep the achievements, but if my alist/roles need to get reset that's ok.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
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