100% serious suggestions on how to make electromanic more fun

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    100% serious suggestions on how to make electromanic more fun

    I would like any suggestions you have to make the electromanic role actually fun to play instead of a guaranteed loss every game
    Has anyone here actually EVER seen an electromaniac win in a normal save
    Here is my list of suggestions

    1. At start of game he is automatically lynched
    2. A button to instant suicide as this role (could just use the "given up on life" alert that is already in game)
    3. whenever he electrifies someone they automatically die (like how serial killer works) instead of MAYBE dying
    4. Night immunity that way he can at least electrify more than 1 person before dying night 1 or 2
    5. Give his targets Night immunity that way it isn't impossible for him to win if he has less than 2 of his targets left alive
    6. let him electrify his targets during the day (exactly like arson can)
    7. maybe let him electrify everyone who visits his target and auto kill them that way he can replace mm
    8. Make the death have a delay but a guaranteed death so he can replace poisoner
    9. Let him have the same ability as omni-jester, once he electrifies someone upon being lynched all the guiltiers get electrified
    10. rename him electrician, and his ability only triggers on killing roles like all the other neutral killing (since we all know he can't kill)

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    Re: 100% serious suggestions on how to make electromanic more fun

    This is FM discussion, not arcade discussion... and this belongs in circlejerk anyway xD
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    Besides your lamp and your refridgerators, do you find anyone else suspicious?
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    it looks like many, e.g. MM and lag, suffered under the influence of paopan. However there is a victim: frinckles. He left the path of rationality and fully dived into the parallel reality of baby shark, king shark, and soviet union pizzas.



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