[WIP] S-FM Stat Pad (1P)

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    S-FM Stat Pad (1P)

    S-FM Stat Pad

    Special Mechanics
    Winners will receive an MS Paint drawing of what I think they look like IRL

    All standard S-FM Rules apply
    Pictures are allowed within reasonable size. Hopefully I don't need to specify what "reasonable size" is.
    Videos are allowed as long as autoplay is off.

    48 hour days.
    24 hour nights.
    Last wills disallowed. Death notes allowed.
    Suicide is allowed at host discretion.
    Lynch system is to be determined by the host and stated during signups.

    Spoiler : Rolecards :

    You have no abilities.
    You have no abilities.
    Serial Killer
    You have no abilities.

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    Re: S-FM Stat Pad (1P)

    I love the layout of your setup, particularly the rules and mechanics. It reminds me of something.
    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM Unfunny View Post
    How dare you send me another box of cereal
    Quote Originally Posted by ChannelMiner View Post
    Anyways I shot Brad due to my morbid fear of zombies.

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    Re: S-FM Stat Pad (1P)

    Quote Originally Posted by DJarJar View Post
    There are no win conditions. It’s a trap dont fall for it guys
    There are no loss conditions either!
    Quote Originally Posted by Lag View Post
    I can approve this and there's nothing MM can do to stop me

    Quote Originally Posted by The Lawyer View Post
    Besides your lamp and your refridgerators, do you find anyone else suspicious?
    Quote Originally Posted by oliverz144 View Post
    it looks like many, e.g. MM and lag, suffered under the influence of paopan. However there is a victim: frinckles. He left the path of rationality and fully dived into the parallel reality of baby shark, king shark, and soviet union pizzas.



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