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    New Role: Necromancer / Warlock / Voodooist

    Still thinking about this one, but wanted to post it

    New Role Suggestion: Necromancer

    Crimes: Witchcraft and/or voodoo.
    Classification: Neutral Evil / Benign, OR new classification: Neutral Chaotic (in which lover and auditor should belong, as they are both chaotic neutral - they exist to cause Chaos).
    Ability: Every other night, you can bring someone back from the dead
    Win Condition:
    Option A: Neutral Chaotic: Survive OR new neutral chaos condition: use your abilities [x] times.
    Option B: Neutral Evil: Survive and see the town lose the game.
    1. The person brought back from the dead is random; the necromancer cannot choose someone from the graveyard.
    2. In order to bring someone back from the dead, someone MUST die that night, or your spell will fail.
    3. You must wait one night in between revives.
    4. Unique roles (i.e., constable, easter bunny) cannot be revived.
    5. Roles with a certain number of charges revive with an equal number that they had prior to death
    6. The revived party loses access to all prior death chat.
    7. There may not be more than one necromancer per game.

    1. Limited to [2/3/4] revives [ON/OFF]
    2. Spells cannot fail (roleblock immune) [ON/OFF]
    3. Can self-revive upon death at the cost of 2 revives. [ON/OFF]

    This will be a way to incentivize people to stay upon death, make death chat have some actual impact.
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