Looking for Creator(s) or experts/enthusiast(s) of the game to help create a similar game

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    Exclamation Looking for Creator(s) or experts/enthusiast(s) of the game to help create a similar game

    Hi All,

    So I played this game many, years ago. Some now 10 years or so?

    Played it quite a bit and was always great fun.

    Now I'm working on a project and decided I want to revive this game or make a game similar.
    I tried Among Us a few years ago, which is supposed to be similar to Mafia, but it really didn't have that kick - even though it is very popular.


    Now, what/who I am looking for is simply someone who knows this game inside out, who will be able to guide with the mechanics of this new game.
    The game will be it's own standalone game.

    The game will be available on mobile and PC.
    As it will be available on mobile, we may also add a faster-paced mode, that accommodates players who maybe are on the move and want or need to play quicker sessions.

    We want to attract a lot of new players and I don't know if or how the game may have evolved over the years, but we want to make it friendly for new users to pick it up and learn it quickly.

    Also balancing is very important. In time with games in general, techniques are learned by experienced players that can change for the flow of the game and push it away from it's intended design, such as players finding easy techniques or patterns of play, to win.

    Anyway, please reach out to me if you're interested in helping with this.
    I know how SC2 & WC3 mods worked - I know there are usually multiple experts/mods for these custom games and I'd like to give credit where it's due, but if "DarkRevenant"(?) or no relevant mods are no longer around, I'd still like to give them credit somehow.

    Just need someone who knows this game inside-out at least, to help with this new game.


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    Re: Looking for Creator(s) or experts/enthusiast(s) of the game to help create a similar game

    *A little further insight

    I checked this games wiki, and when I last played this game, I don't recall there being "Triads" class. Or maybe there were Triads introduced when I still played and I just forgot ha

    I also don't recall there being a few other roles such as "Stump", "Caroler", "Beguiler", "Scumbag", "Witch Doctor" and maybe a few more.

    We will discuss if it's best to go for the more vanilla first version release, because maybe all of these extra roles wouldn't be immediately necessary and could be overwhelming for new users.

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    Re: Looking for Creator(s) or experts/enthusiast(s) of the game to help create a similar game

    I'm going to give you some free advice. Both on this project, and on your sales pitching in general.

    Ideas are worth nothing. No one has ever gotten rich off of a good idea.

    The real value lies in a good idea combined with a good execution of that idea.

    You've come here with a presentation of your idea with zero evidence of any of the work you've already done on it.
    Zero evidence of your credibility as a developer and the ability to actually implement this idea well.
    And honestly - very little evidence of having even done your homework in this regard. The idea you're presenting has been done before - many, many times. And they almost universally fizzle out and go no where.

    Why do they fizzle out and go no where? There's your first piece of market research, you should answer that question and I'll give you more free advice in telling you if you're right.

    If you actually want to recruit people, make a Minimum Viable Product first to demonstrate your skill as a developer. You can make this app or game you're talking about with just vanilla roles, just mafioso's and vestless citizens. That will require 90% of the work anyway. Once you have that done and you want balance advice, or advice on roles, or advice on how to make things more enjoyable, THEN you come back here and show off what you've already accomplished.
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