{Permanently Banned} CBreceptor 1-S2-1-12422398, Rinzler 1-S2-1-12469074

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    CBreceptor 1-S2-1-12422398, Rinzler 1-S2-1-12469074

    Account Name: Rinzler
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-12469074
    In-Game Name: Happy Mask Salesman

    Crimes Committed: Gamethrowing, threatening life

    Your Account Name: Frozen
    Summary: Game starts, Rinzler gets auditor, Frozen gets silencer. Rinzler spams he will shoot frozens family all day 1. Rinzler audits Frozen night 1 and turns him into enforcer. Auditor then outs himself as auditor to the town and tells the town that Frozen is now enforcer because he audited Frozen, all while still spamming he will shoot frozens family. Town skips and auditor is executed. The next day Frozen is lynched. Rinzler went into the game with the intention to gamethrow and troll Frozen with no intention to win. -Mafia- (286).SC2Replay

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    CBreceptor 1-S2-1-12422398, Rinzler 1-S2-1-12469074

    Account Name: CBreceptor
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-12422398
    In-Game Name: Bin Zhang
    Slot 11, Jailor

    Crimes Committed: Gamethrowing? Griefing?

    Your Account Name: Renegade
    Summary: Night 3, jails and executes a confirmed Enchantress. Enchantress claimed d2 after killing a witch day 1 and had no CC.

    I noticed they had the new player enter your name thing at the beginning. It is possible they are a new player and just wasn't paying attention to the game or didn't really know what was going on. If that is the case, maybe this would be better On Hold, but that is for you to decide.

    Account Name: Rinzler
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-12469074
    In-Game Name: Evil Green Ranger
    Slot 2, Armorsmith

    Crimes Committed: Reactionary Gamethrowing

    Day 4, reactionarily gamethrows by leaving when his desired suggestion is not voted up for trial.
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    Re: Rinzler: 1-S2-1-12469074

    Rinzler 1-S2-1-12469074 Correct

    Respective Hotkeys
    CTRL + 4

    Rinzler spams chat that he will shoot frozens family. n1 he audits 6 who becomes an enforcer and he open claims auditor to town and calls out 6.

    The game is affected as Jailor kills auditor then town lynches enforcer, leading to a Triad loss.

    Player Offenses

    Previous Offenses
    Intentional Game-throwing WLx3 https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...-S2-1-12469074

    Recommended Action

    Additional Notes
    I cannot imagine being griefed like that, this just sounds like an awful experience and I hope that in future you can have more pleasant games. There is another report on him already, honestly I think he should just be perma banned.

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    Re: CBreceptor 1-S2-1-12422398, Rinzler 1-S2-1-12469074

    Unfortunately I cannot handle this report as I was in this game, however Rinzler should just be perma banned at this point and CBreceptor is NOT a new player, he has multiple games going back over 4 months so it seems like he is purposefully game-throwing.

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    Re: CBreceptor 1-S2-1-12422398, Rinzler 1-S2-1-12469074

    ID Verification :

    CBreceptor 1-S2-1-12422398 Correct
    Rinzler 1-S2-1-12469074 Correct


    Rinzler is warned for Intentional Gamethrowing.

    CBreceptor rolled Jailor in slot #11.
    Rinzler rolled Armorsmith in slot #2

    N1: No jail from CBreceptor.
    No vest given from Rinzler, also roleblocked.
    An Enchantress killed a Witch.

    D2: #8 claimed Enchantress, went uncc'd.

    N2: CBreceptor jailed #1, claimed Survivor, executed.
    Rinzler handed a vest to #8.

    D3: Upon day start, CBreceptor pressed Jail button on #8 (confirmed Enchantress).
    #15 is put up.

    N3: #8 claimed Enchantress while in jail, CB still decided to execute.

    D4: #15 (Oracle) suicided, and #12 is revealed as ESCORT.
    Everyone pmed #12.
    Here is CBreceptor's pm :

    I 09:05 CBreceptor ALL -pm 12 suck myv cock faggot

    Rinzler hard focused on #10 and asked to get him.
    #10 was not put up and therefore, Rinzler left the game.

    Player Offenses

    CBreceptor : Intentional Gamethrowing, Griefing

    Rinzler : Reactionary Gamethrowing

    Previous Offenses

    CBreceptor : None.

    Rinzler : Intentional Gamethrowing (WLx3)
    Smurfing Evidence

    Recommended Action

    CBreceptor : WLx4

    Rinzler : Permaban

    Additional Notes

    Thanks for the report !
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