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Thread: Stalker

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    Lightbulb Stalker

    Alignment: None (Neutral Evil)

    Kind of like an evil spy + a disguiser

    Can read all whispers.

    At night, can read ALL chats.
    Mafia, Triad, Cult, Mason, Jail
    And can see exactly who is speaking i.e. Knows who crier/judge/jailor are. Knows all members of Mafia/Triad/Cult/Masons if they speak.

    Can see all non town visits similar to spy but can also see cult, neutral evil, neutral killing visits as well. (and he can also see neutral benign visit but thats just lover and jester lol)

    Crazy part:
    Has a one time disguise, similar to disguiser but you steal the target's abilities but u remain on neutral evil team (e.g. if u disguise as a doctor you can heal, this might come in handy to save Mafias from vigi for example). If u disguise as a member of Mafia/Triad/Cult u join their faction fully.
    Disguise has a unique kill message and sound to differentiate it from disguiser/informant.

    Wins with any non-town faction, unless they have joined Mafia/Cult/Triad, e.g. if they join cult they must lynch Mafia/Triad.

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    Re: Stalker

    This role is encouraged to infiltrate mafia and spill the identities of the other evils to the mafia… that’s unfun design.

    This is a role that probably shouldn’t leave the drawing board.
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