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I have a wheel with a bunch of random political-esque topics, and every time someone posts another "free speech good?" thread I roll it. My personal opinion on free speech is that I support unconditional free speech on everything except for topics that have been rolled before, discussion of which which I support unequivocally banning.

This time, it's the topic of Mexican drug mules that must be banned.
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I have a right to my opinion and my opinion is you have no rights. *shoots you and walks away*
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I have thought about this issue at great length. After thorough introspection, I am still not sure whether we should have the free speech. In fact, I am not sure whether we should even have the free speech to discuss whether we should have the free speech. But after extremely careful consideration, I am ready to commit myself to the view that we should at least have the free speech to speak of whether we should have the free speech to discuss the free speech. So I wish to pull the conversation back to there, then gradually consider how we proceed.

Due to my immense study of this topic, my thoughts may prove too profound to follow... but do not be afraid to ask for clarification.
On a serious note, we've had a lot of these threads. I have lost count, but this is probably at least the fifth. I don't mind reading a debate, but can't we at least discuss something new?


So, Obama wants more tech regulations in order to combat misinformation on social media.
Cool. But who'd do the regulating though? The government?
Plenty of topics are politics based, while in the US - every political opinion is grouped in one of two groups thanks to their two party system (not very democratic system if you ask me btw). Which group would get the honor to choose what is right and what is misinformation?
If we're talking about only objective information - well, government officials themselves have spread misinformation about let's say Covid.

Ok let's say no political opinions would ever get moderated (lol) and objective stuff by experts only. What about every other country in the world that is not the US? What if let's say 50 of them wanted each different stuff censored to their citizens?

I feel like government tech regulations for censoring social media is just not realistic. Though there's only a few countries large enough for the tech companies to comply to their demands, and perhaps for some of them it can work well. I just don't see USA being one of them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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