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    Rinzler: 1-S2-1-12469074

    Account Name: Rinzler
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-12459074
    In-Game Name: Sodomite Sam

    Crimes Committed: Game-Throwing

    Your Account Name: Frozen
    Summary: Town suspected 12 of being a jester and lynched the GF on d2. Town said if there is a vigi to shoot 12 (jester). Vigi does not shoot 12 on n3 and instead shoots 1 of 2 people who guiltied the GF. On d3 town again tells the vigi to shoot 12 (jester) and votes up 1. 1 reveals he is the marshall and is innod at trial. 10(vigi) then proceeds to vote the marshall before the day ends and after he has revealed. on n3 10 (vigi) then shoots the person who has been asking the vigi to shoot 12 (jester) all game. on d4 vigi then proceeds to lead a vote on the known jester and solo guilties him. on n4 the vigi decides to not shoot (vigi had 3 shots) and just dies to suicide.

    -Mafia- (50).SC2Replay
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    Re: Rinzler: 1-S2-1-12459074

    ID Verification :

    Rinzler 1-S2-1-12459074 Incorrect : 1-S2-1-12469074 Correct


    Chose the name "Sodomite Sam", rolled Vigilante in slot #10.
    This guy has clearly played before.

    N1: Rinzler is Roleblocked.

    D2: Witch got shot by GF.
    #12 random votes, and at some point it backfired, he got put up, claiming bmed, although silence is not effective on trial.
    From this point #12 is tagged a Jester.
    People asked potential Vigilante to shoot him down.
    #6 is voted up, and got guiltied, flipped Godfather.

    N2: Shot #11, one of the few people that guiltied the GF, over the confirmed Jester. Flipped Sheriff.

    D2: #1 is put up, revealed as MARSHALL.
    Vigi is told once again to get rid of the Jester.
    Rinzler then votes the Marshall up post reveal, alongside Jester's participation.
    Nothing happened before day ends.

    N3: Decides to shot #12 (JESTER) but at the last second switch back to #9, who flipped Arsonist.

    D4: Mayor was shot by the GF, and most of the town is in the graveyard.
    Rinzler pushes for a lynch on #12 the Jester.
    He is guiltied and voted off before flipping Jester.

    N4: Suicides from the Jester's shot. Did not try to shoot anyone else.

    Mafia won some days later, outcome definitely affected.

    At first I would say this guy is wintrading for a friend (#12) or at least OGC'ing with this guy.
    But ultimately he is probably just hard trolling.
    For the record the Jester is Ryu 1-S2-1-10926931.
    Slots not adjacent.

    Player Offenses

    Intentional Gamethrowing
    Smurfing Evidence

    Previous Offenses


    Recommended Action


    Additional Notes

    Would not be surprised to see this person more often.
    Thanks for the report!
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