[Mechanics] Marshall won the 1v1 tie against Electromaniac

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    Marshall won the 1v1 tie against Electromaniac

    The game ended with 4 players: Marshall, Vigilante, Lookout, Electromaniac.
    Electromaniac has previously charged the Lookout, then during that final night charges the Vigilante. The Vigilante however, went to shoot the lookout the same night, resulted in a lot of buggy buzzing.

    Next morning comes, they're both dead, only Marshall and Electromaniac left... but the town has won??? This game has been very buggy lately.
    -Mafia- (203).SC2Replay


    +During saves set up, even when I turned the Citizen spawn rate to 0, town government excludes citizen, but then add 2 Random Town Government in and it somehow increase the Citizen's spawn rate to around 67% for no reason. (I lost the save for this but it can be easily replicated.)

    +Random Any can spawn Mafioso... Despite Random Any Excludes Mafia ON... The only way to not let mafioso spawn is for Random Any to also excludes killing.

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