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    Angry [META] Stop giving new players complex roles

    Hear me out:

    We've all encountered those noobs that roll a TG roll and then proceed to absolutely fumble their way by purging the whole town's and handing evils the platter of win con. In particular, I can't stand it when newer players are having difficulty adjusting to mafia and they aren't able to fully "manage" their role ability.

    This is surely not just me. I want to see these players grow, but they can't be expected to fly on their first step.

    One such recent game is: -Mafia- (70).SC2Replay, where at D5 3 of the town are falling asleep and they don't know what to do. If I hadn't executed the two Triad members and jailed the last, town would've undoubtedly lost already. I only won because they finally decided to read the screen and vote for the last evil. What I'm saying is, in a situation where I hadn't rolled jailor and it was instead someone else of unequal experience in playing such a role, town would've lost 100% there on D5 with those 3 stooges. Hell, one of them even asked if I was a confirmed jailor after I had posted my jailor lw with no cc twice.

    Afterwards, the new players reached out and told me that they, too felt overwhelmed with their roles. This only reinforces the subject of this thesis, where we should provide newer people with simpler roles. Since there is no tutorial, I feel as though it is our due diligence to make them more engaged by having them adapt to the playstyle of mafia first.

    The solution:

    I suggest dividing sophisticated roles with simpler ones, and setting a threshold for rolling particular roles for newer players in their first couple of rounds. This way, it won't affect a save's role list if the host wants to play a game with specific roles. It just places a priority for current players over newer ones.

    Arsonist - lowered % of rolling
    Marshall - lowered % of rolling
    Jailor - lowered % of rolling

    Investigator - raised % of rolling
    Lookout - raised % of rolling
    Oracle - raised % of rolling
    Escort - raised % of rolling

    (There are more cases, but I feel as though this is a good starting point)

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    Re: [META] Stop giving new players complex roles

    An addendum: we all started somewhere playing mafia, and we too sucked pretty hard. That's what made it so mentally challenging and drew my interest to the game in the first place. However I also feel that this constructs a steeper learning slope for newer players and casuals, which bars them to really get "into" mafia.

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    Re: [META] Stop giving new players complex roles

    Set point minimums on complex roles.

    Minimum 500 for vet/mayor
    Minimum 1k for jailor/vig
    Minimum 2k? 5k? for constable/marshall.

    Brand new? You can roll Sheriff, Doctor, Investigator, or Detective, maybe Escort (but they have to be good at lying, because Escort is quite often mistaken for liaison/consort).

    Oracle may not seem complex, but it requires a lot of thinking to choose correctly & argue their existence.



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