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    Re: AnOldSong: 1-S2-1-11647709

    ID Verification :

    AnOldSong 1-S2-1-11647709 Correct


    Previously known as SyrianSlaver.
    Has been Watchlisted and extended in a new Watchlist in the beginning of April.
    Is aware of it.
    Recently under a BLx3.

    Rolled Constable in slot #12.

    N1: Nothing happened, no kill at all.
    #3 was jailed by #14
    #3 claimed LO.

    D2: Someone complained about an auditor, Jailor voted #3.
    AnOldSong then instantly killed #3 who flipped Lookout.
    He is receiving pmed, and then left the game some sec after.

    Considering this as Reactionary Gamethrowing.

    Player Offenses

    Reactionary Gamethrowing

    Previous Offenses

    Intentional Gamethrowing (WLx2 March 2022)
    Griefing (WLx4 March 2022)
    Intentional Gamethrowing (BLx3 April 2022)

    Recommended Action

    Extend to BLx4

    Additional Notes

    Thanks for the report !
    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    MM Magoroth and Distorted are the 3 baddies
    just like Agrael Acriel and Auwt being the original 3 baddies
    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    MafiaZ and Skwirl its all a repeat of history
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkRevenant View Post
    But Potoss has Pobes, Zeelot, and Acrons!
    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    Screw you I actually have more grudges towards the people who have their names start with A

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