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    AnOldSong 1-S2-1-11647709

    Account Name: AnOldSong
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-11647709
    In-Game Name: nigger

    Crimes Committed: Griefing, Racism

    Your Account Name: Invictus
    This player chose "n-word" as his nickname and decided to grief towards the specific player. Although he was rolled Bus Driver, he claimed he was a sheriff d2 and 15 was mafia. 15 was Party Host which was very easily confirmable, thus town lynched 11 for being a possible executioner.
    Then eventually 11 came out as a Bus Driver.

    This greifing ruined the game and contributed to the town loss. Please punish him accordingly.
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    Re: AnOldSong 1-S2-1-11647709

    AnOldSong 1-S2-1-11647709 Correct

    Respective Hotkeys
    Ctrl + 1

    Invictus rolled Party Host, AnOldSong rolled Bus Driver.
    On Day 1 the two bickered in day chat.
    Night 1 AnOldSong swapped Invictus with Slot 13.
    Day 2 AnOldSong claimed Sheriff and that Invictus was mafia. AnOldSong made no attempt to claim his real role or last will, was voted guilty, and flipped Bus Driver.

    Spoiler : Chat Log :

    00:45 AnOldSong -nigger
    01:12 AnOldSong invuctus is a slag
    01:36 AnOldSong grand inquisitor im sending someone to you tonight
    03:13 AnOldSong sheriff here
    03:15 AnOldSong 15 is mafia
    03:18 AnOldSong all on 15
    03:19 AnOldSong rn
    03:20 AnOldSong town on 15
    03:25 AnOldSong town 15
    03:30 AnOldSong town 15 right now
    03:38 AnOldSong confirm my role plesae
    03:45 AnOldSong confirm my role plese
    04:04 AnOldSong ok
    04:06 AnOldSong 15 is mafia
    04:09 AnOldSong im sheriff
    04:13 AnOldSong lynch me though
    04:36 AnOldSong inno if you are town

    04:58 AnOldSong good one niggers
    05:02 AnOldSong mothership extended
    06:26 AnOldSong you dead fag
    06:26 AnOldSong you
    06:26 AnOldSong dead
    06:26 AnOldSong dead
    06:26 AnOldSong fag
    06:26 AnOldSong fag dead

    06:26 AnOldSong 15 got smooked like the faggot he is
    06:29 AnOldSong you dead nigger
    06:37 AnOldSong good
    06:41 AnOldSong invictus is dead
    06:51 AnOldSong invictus you here fag
    06:57 AnOldSong monkey man 15
    07:03 AnOldSong im reporting you fag
    07:07 AnOldSong i know frinkcles
    07:10 AnOldSong we talk on discord
    07:13 AnOldSong you are fucked
    07:16 AnOldSong im taking your id now
    07:26 AnOldSong imma go dm him rn
    07:30 AnOldSong great
    07:43 AnOldSong u huh
    07:50 AnOldSong exactly
    08:00 AnOldSong exactly
    08:09 AnOldSong im still contacting frinkles about you
    08:17 AnOldSong i just dmed him
    08:20 AnOldSong gl fag
    08:36 AnOldSong sensitive fags need to go

    08:42 AnOldSong you aint got a place in society anymore
    08:45 AnOldSong time to grow up


    Very clear cut intentional game throwing + racism.

    Given the recent previous offenses, I recommend at least a BLx2 - with a potentially greater punishment depending on the status of his other pending reports.

    Player Offenses
    Intentional Gamethrowing

    Previous Offenses
    Intentional Gamethrowing (WLx2 March 2022)
    Griefing (WLx4 March 2022)

    Recommended Action

    Additional Notes
    Thank you for taking the time to submit this report in your effort to make the community a better place
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