S-FM 342: Cross-Community Game At MafiaCafe!

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    S-FM 342: Cross-Community Game At MafiaCafe!

    Sc2Mafia-MafiaCafe Crossover Event!



    You signup by copying the last version of the signups list and putting your name into an open slot. That's how they do things at MafiaCafe.
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    Re: S-FM 342: Cross-Community Game At MafiaCafe!

    Quote Originally Posted by OzyWho View Post
    Somehow I never had an open role madness setup. That's uncommon even outside SC2Mafia, right?
    I guess it is?

    I've seen open role-madness before a fair few times (Probably the most complicated open role-madness I've seen is here, which was based on Fallout & is my favorite all-time setup so far). But now that you've brought it up I do suppose some form of closed aspect on role madness is generally common.

    100% Role Madness games though, aside from Guillotina's hosting of Deck Mafia, are kinda not common as a FM 'genre' and so I suspect that may make it seem like open role madness is more rare than it actually is. However, there are probably communities dedicated to role madness that I'm not simply aware of. For all I know, they may host open games much more frequently.

    Edit: Technically fallout mafia was semi-closed since roles were host-picked but I tend to think of them as more open than not. I mean, all the details are out there. Only thing missing is who are what roles, and that really does not differ much if at all from a standard vanilla mafia game with a PR or two. You still have to figure it out.
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    Re: S-FM 342: Cross-Community Game At MafiaCafe!

    @Auwt Arise from your slumber, O ye mighty, and come get role madness'd
    Quote Originally Posted by The Lawyer View Post
    Besides your lamp and your refridgerators, do you find anyone else suspicious?
    Quote Originally Posted by oliverz144 View Post
    it looks like many, e.g. MM and lag, suffered under the influence of paopan. However there is a victim: frinckles. He left the path of rationality and fully dived into the parallel reality of baby shark, king shark, and soviet union pizzas.

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    Re: S-FM 342: Cross-Community Game At MafiaCafe!

    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall View Post
    @Auwt Arise from your slumber, O ye mighty, and come get role madness'd
    Behold, a French summoning
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    Naz will die, i can promise you this, i visited there home, i shared the wealth, placed my book on their nightstand and said every man a king 3 times so they will die from my glorious contagion of my political program
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    You sure you dont want to lynch Voss again? he may flip scum this time.
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    mags my highest townread and i think hes scum.
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    Re: S-FM 342: Cross-Community Game At MafiaCafe!

    Noting here as well that if the game doesn't fill by may 9th/10th then it likely will be down-sized to the # of players then (or roughly there, if balance would require more players). In the event that it does down-size, extra days before game-start will be given both to serve as notice of the changes but also to allow for replacement volunteers.
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