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    BlackShadow 1-S2-2-1587705

    Account Name: BlackShadow
    Account ID: 1-S2-2-1587705
    In-Game Name: Cappuchino mafioso

    Crimes Committed: Greifing

    Your Account Name: Invictus
    Summary: This player is assigned in a slot 1 as a vigilante. On day 2, ML claimed cultist tried to cult him and Invest claimed 9 was an auditor and he got audited. However, this player encouraged town to lynch 11 just because 11's nickname is Black Lives Matter. Bunch of people followed and 11 was lynched. Then this vigilante shot auditor. Then on day 3, another Invest detecting exact role found 2 as an auditor. But this time 1 claimed he is an invest and claimed 14 was arsonist.

    Also ML left in his lw that 6 is a new ML, however, this player went ahead and shot confirmed ML on night 3.
    Then on the next day, he pmed 6 "I saved you" This player clearly behaved like a jester and ended up players to lynch two innocent town invests. Then on day 3, town went ahead and lynch 1 and got shocked that 1 was actually a vigilante.

    I see this as a severe griefing and please punish him accordingly
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    Re: BlackShadow 1-S2-2-1587705

    ID Verification :

    BlackShadow 1-S2-2-1587705 Correct


    During game's initialization, asked to remove the cult from the setup, too late.
    Chose the name "Cappuchino mafioso" and rolled Vigilante in slot #1.

    D2: #4 (ML) claims #5 is Cultist. As 5 tried to recruit #4.
    #11 claims Investigator and now audited, saying #9 is Auditor.
    #11 is put up, BlackShadow pushes the lynchtrain.
    #11 flips Investigator

    N2: Decides to kill #4 and changed the last moment to #9.

    D3: #9 flips Auditor. #4 (ML) died from Arson.
    #14 claims Investigator saying #2 is Auditor.
    BlackShadow then pushes the votes on #14 saying he is arsonist as he checked him, which is totally untrue.
    Does not retract nor fall back.
    #14 flips Investigator after being accused of being Arsonist.

    N3: Tries to shoot #6.
    #6 was the known new ML according to #4 (previous ML) lw.

    D4: He then whispers #6 saying he is the doctor that save him...
    People are getting bored of him, and BlackShadow is put up.
    Proceeds to claim Jester, although he could have literally claimed Vigilante and be confirmed.
    Writes while being up : "15 arso" "10 is cult" while he clearly has no idea.

    Those are his last sentences :

    He is guiltied and flips Vigilante.

    Player Offenses

    Intentional Gamethrowing, Griefing

    Previous Offenses


    Recommended Action


    Additional Notes

    Thanks for the report!
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