Why I Started Playing Sc2 Mafia

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    Cool Why I Started Playing Sc2 Mafia

    I are Parasite player.

    Parasite has no lobbies.

    I see someone named "Duke" hosting a billion lobbies, filling up the entire arcade.

    I decide: "fuck it" and join the lobby with the most players.

    "Hello, I am new player, how to play?"

    "Oh no, a Parasite player. Town is doomed"

    *gets sheriff, finds mafia n1

    *gets lynched for being exe, has no LW because idk what that is yet (I am new player)

    *Town completely forgets about my lead because they are braindead goldfish that don't remember I was screaming to lynch someone as confirmed in graveyard sheriff.

    *Town loses

    This game sucks!

    *Joins next lobby

    *Gets SK

    *Gets called out as night immune in Mafia LW

    "I am just a street racer, the Drift King they call me"

    *Gets lynched

    "This game sucks!"

    *becomes addicted

    So no, I am not Duke, but it is no coincidence that I appeared right after Duke disappeared, coz I tried Mafia because of him.

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    Re: Why I Started Playing Sc2 Mafia

    Quote Originally Posted by Norwee View Post
    Looks like we found the official motto for SC2 Mafia.

    "Hey, we know we're not your first choice... but if you got technical problems with ToS. maybe think of us..."
    Lmao, right. It's not like Blizzard allows for much more than that, unfortunately. However, Forum Mafia stands proud and strong :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Norwee View Post
    While on topic, is a new game gonna come up to signups?
    We're looking for hosts right now (wink wink at potential hosts). I would host, but I can't.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Lawyer View Post
    Besides your lamp and your refridgerators, do you find anyone else suspicious?
    Quote Originally Posted by oliverz144 View Post
    it looks like many, e.g. MM and lag, suffered under the influence of paopan. However there is a victim: frinckles. He left the path of rationality and fully dived into the parallel reality of baby shark, king shark, and soviet union pizzas.



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