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    Give disturbing the peace to all night speakers

    Iirc in 1.0 judge and crier could get the disturbing the peace crime if they spoke at night (and it wouldn’t show them with the crime until they spoke at least once at night).

    With the removal of spy listening to mafia chat and the addition of party host I think it could be interesting to give this crime to anybody who speaks at night. So mafia talking in their chat, anybody talking in party host chat, cult, masons, jailor and his victim.

    It provides a slight buff to investigator which has generally been considered a weak role as long as “detects exact role” is off. They may be able to immediately find a mafia player from it but this is still not as strong as the basic sheriff detection so I don’t think it’s too much.

    It slightly debuffs mafia as they’d now need to consider if it’s worth it to talk at night and pickup the crime. But it’s not a big risk as there would be a number of different viable fake-claims to explain why you have the crime, and investigators aren’t that frequent. So I don’t think it would silence mafia the way the old spy did.

    It also adds an interesting dynamic between investigator, party host, and any roles set immune to detection like godfather - the lack of disturbing the peace after a party would reveal that you’re a detection immune role, unless you can make some excuse for why you didn’t participate
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    Re: Give disturbing the peace to all night speakers

    Let's try to see the implications for this.

    If party host is present, the ideal course of action for all parties (except jesters) is to either never talk at night because gaining the crime makes you suspicious, Or for everyone to talk which makes the crime a redundant addition to their record.

    If party host is not present, Mafia/Triad and Mason/Cult shouldn't bother talking either just for the sole possibility invest will be on them.

    While this is not as strong as spy reading mafia chat because it requires a invest check, It still creates the exact effect : " Never talk just in case". Note that I didn't talk about how this affects Investigator, because it wouldn't matter if everyone takes the safe option.

    I think letting Mafia talk freely at night was a good change in 2.0.
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    Re: Give disturbing the peace to all night speakers

    -support for sticking DoP on factional night chats. We just gave Mafia and Triad freedom from the town and we want to put them right back in their hole of forced silence again?

    I just don't see a reason for this suggestion in general. fuck it heres all the sc2mafia pics i would have put in the sig

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    Re: Give disturbing the peace to all night speakers

    I might not play the Arcade anymore, but... wasn't the whole point of removing spy listening to mafia chat to let mafia speak freely at night to encourage better coordinated teamplay? I'm not sure what the point of this change would be.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChannelMiner View Post
    Disturbing the peace implies that someone, yknow DISTURBS the peace. Talking in private doesn't really disturb anything now does it?
    Also this. lol
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    Besides your lamp and your refridgerators, do you find anyone else suspicious?
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    Re: Give disturbing the peace to all night speakers

    i appreciate the 2 of u jumping in well after the fact to dump on it some more after mostache's response was enough!

    the idea was to find a middle ground - in the old ways mafia couldn't talk at all - in the new ways mafia can talk as much as they want with no fear which is actually a MASSIVE buff when playing with strong teammates.

    What all 3 of you ignore is that i was suggesting adding the crime also to party host chats and mason chats - So for you to get caught as mafia by this there 1) has to actually be an investigator in the game which is already like 1 in 4 games, and 2) the mafia chat happens to be the only night chat in the game and 3) the invest actually picks to check you specifically

    It would be pretty rare that it would catch you as mafia for sure IMO. But w/e.
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