Every new role is fun except....

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    Every new role is fun except....

    Lover and Street Racer.

    Lover just seems too hard to win with. All luck as you have to pick someone N1 who will live till game ends. Needs rework.
    Heartbreaker good role tho, due to not dying if your target dies.

    Street Racer ability actually kinda strong but boring role and needs a little tweaking.

    Your thoughts on new roles?

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    Re: Every new role is fun except....

    "Street racer is strong" lol no

    Lover is just bad luck role, but once your guy survives n1 (best chances would be a town gov or even a triad or NK) then it becomes a fun game of trying to help your love's alignment win without getting either you or the love endangered. Had a game as Triad where Lover basically subbed in for a triad who died n1, b/c they loved me.
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