Arso Day Burn during the trial softlocks game

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    Arso Day Burn during the trial softlocks game

    On about Day 3 or 4 (i dont remember), the evils finally outnumber the town. Vig has suicided after witch controlled him all game, triad is still full, and arso has yet to make a move.

    A townie found the triad, but b/c evils outnumber town, the townie was put up. During the trial, the arsonist activates the day burn, killing the townie on trial during his defense phase.

    The innocent and gulity buttons disappeared for everyone, meaning no votes. And the timer, once it ran out to 0, stayed at 0. Everyone was stuck at the inno/gulity voting phase with no way out. Game softlocked. Frozen. We had to leave.
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