S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

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    S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    To shoot someone just mention the name of the player followed by SHOOT in size 7, red color, so i dont miss it please.

    Discord: Separate discord channels for each Group Chat only. Town must submit actions through the card submission private channels.
    Hosted By: @Guillo
    Start Date: January 23rd (Game) / January 21st (Deck Submission phase).
    SOD/EOD: 11:00 AM EST
    Phase Lengths: 48/24
    Mechanics: Deck of Cards, Plurality, Alignment Reveals only. No twilight.
    There is at least 1 third party (full reveal except for cards).
    Night Chat/Out of Thread Communication: Group!Scum and If specified in any card.
    Posting Requirement: 5 post minimum per day. You will be be prodded once then subbed out. No maximum per player.
    Night Action Submission Deadline: 2 Hours before End of Night.
    Day Action Submission Deadline: 1 Hour before End of Day.
    Deck Mafia Cards: These will be rewarded to the winners of the game.
    Format: This is a high variance open bastard set up, its "swinginess" is determined by the players' decks.
    Balance?: Balance is not guaranteed.
    Special Note for Moderators: If you happen to be a Deck Builder but you decide to moderate this game, you will be banned from playing Deck Mafia for six months if you gain any card info from other players while you do so. This rule only applies if you gain this info by directly taking a look at their decks submitted and/or inventory. Players claiming their cards willingly in the dead chat will not get you penalized however. For this reason, by default, no moderator who is also a player is granted access to any private chats besides the dead chat, but if you must have this access, you must agree to the six month ban penalty and abide by it.

    Night Order of Operations

    Real Time
    Massive Effect
    Resurrection/Dead Interaction

    Special Rules

    1) There will be no spoilers until the end of the game, whether there are dead interaction mechanics present or not.
    2) Alignment check cards cannot be recharged. Resurrections will resurrect the player with the alignment they had upon dying. There can only be one group of masons per game.
    3) There will be no substitutions at MyLo and the cycle before it. Zero posters will be kicked from the game but the slot in question will be allowed to zero post. Inactivity rule breakers before these cycles will be prodded and substituted during the following night normally.
    4) Do not shame, mock or flame players with Gods vs Demons cards for owning them, directly OR indirectly.
    5) Extreme Appeal to Emotion and other types of toxicity will be disciplined with a 2-hour Mute for all parties involved for the first offense, 12 hours for the second offense and a forced replacement for a third offense.
    6) Do not request for mod kills or mutes for other players, these disciplinary tools are reserved for the host and are not part of the game.
    7) Do not post your cards in the thread unless the card says you can! This is a mod-killable offense!
    8] Do not exploit loopholes in the cards or the rules surrounding the cards. They are not grounds to ban you and modkill you in this site or other sites this game is hosted at, because the card system is a mechanic created by me, but it will get you banned from the Deck Mafia community and/or modkilled from Deck Mafia games.
    9) All roles come from the cards you submitted in your discord private chat.
    10) Bring your cards deck, if you dont have any you can play as vanilla.
    11) Votes will not lock at lylo, players will not be informed if lylo.
    12) Assignable yet un-blockable Mandatory Factional kill (This condition has no exceptions in this game), Group!Scum can chat 24/7.
    13) Winners get booster packs, losers get nothing.
    14) Two MPVs get a card each (One MVP determined by me, the other by popular vote after game).
    15) Starting Set Up is 11 Townies / 3 Mafia / 1 Third Parties
    16) Imaginary vanilla cards will fill the empty slots in your deck before the game starts.
    17) When a member of a Group!Scum dies, they can choose from keeping READ-ONLY access to their Scum Channels but not gain access to the dead chat OR gain access to the deadchat but lose access to the scum channels.
    18] Do not do quote hacking to frame a player for posting something else.
    19) Do not quote any private communications with me, including but not limited to content, timestamps, etc. You may paraphrase.
    20) Please avoid using images as content or as proof of content or working.
    21) Impersonating me, or attempting to mislead people into thinking it is me, will be punished with a forced replacement.
    22) Unless permitted by a role, please do not use any text smaller than size 2, or any invisible, encrypted or obfuscated text.
    23) Don't use any provable randomness! If you're using a roller of any sort, don't show evidence of it.
    24) All group chats with the exception of the deadchat will not be disclosed to the public, unless all members of those chats approve disclosing all information about the cards they used in the game.
    25) Gods vs Demons cards are playable on this site.
    26) New players with no cards whatsoever will have the option to play the game with a temporary newbie deck or to play as vanilla.
    27 ) Voting to sleep is disabled.

    An explanation on how Deck Mafia works can be found here

    Forum features and Rules

    Refer to this guide to learn about how to use the forum features: https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...New-User-Guide
    Refer to the rules to know what you can and cannot do while playing here: https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showthread.php/46468

    Let's have some healthy fun!


    Guillo ISO Link


    Marshmallow Marshalt ISO Link

    MartinGG99 ISO Link

    Stealthbomber16 ISO link

    Mesk514 ISO Link / Oliverz144 ISO Link

    loldebite ISO Link

    Deathworlds ISO Link

    Boba Fett ISO Link

    Gikkle ISO Link

    NotPaopan ISO Link

    Hollowkatt ISO Link

    DoctorZeus ISO Link

    Bradland ISO Link

    Takumi Fujiwara ISO Link

    PQRnHack ISO Link

    Seanzie ISO Link


    1) CRichard


    Day 1 Elimination

    Night 1 Results
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    Tell the truth and you'll lie good.

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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    THE GAME HAS BEEN RANDED! Regular deck mafia cards can no longer be submitted! You may submit Gods vs Demon cards, if you didnt submit Deck Mafia cards before randomization up until 2 hours before the start of the game!
    Last edited by Guillo; January 21st, 2022 at 11:17 PM.
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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    How to Vote

    Vote using the [vote] tags around the target's exact username.

    Viewing the Vote Count

    Click the button labeled "Vote Count" on the top of the thread

    Clicking on the names in the Vote Count will take you to the post where they placed that vote.

    Viewing ISOs

    From the Ongoing Forum Mafia Games forum, click on the number of replies the thread has.

    In the pop-up, click on the number of posts made by the user you wish to ISO.

    Finally, it can be useful to click the "Expand All" button in their ISO.

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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    Out Of Game Information (OGI) Rules

    Mafia, as a game, can only work when the players inside the game abide by a certain kind of fiction. It's not roleplaying, not exactly, but the idea that a mafia game exists inside its own little bubble is what prevents games from degenerating into rampant angleshooting, prevents games from spilling over into other games, and lets us call each other liars without making it a personal attack.

    Game integrity being paramount to healthy, fair games, I place the highest priority on preserving it.

    Here's the Spirit of the Game version of OGI, and the reasons I'm against OGI influencing a game:

    The spirit of the rule regarding OGI is essentially this: no one should ever post anything that isn't about the game that a second player could reasonably make an alignment read based on.

    Frequently, it's the second-order effects that OGI has on the game that are so disruptive.

    Even if you personally see nothing wrong / nothing alignment indicative about asking the game host a question in the thread, or commenting on a player's online activity elsewhere, or making a read based on what someone who's in another game is doing in your game, it's the catastrophic ripple effect that discussing these things in the game thread has on game integrity that's the problem. Players can and will read into your OGI comments, and players will read into those comments, and so on, and suddenly the game is no longer self-contained, no longer actually about the game.

    To be clear: Sometimes OGI will influence a read of yours. It happens to everyone. "Man, Person X is posting up a storm in this other game, but is a complete lurker here. Wonder if they randed wolf." That kind of thinking is bound to happen sometimes; it's unavoidable to a certain extent. What is completely unacceptable is publicly bringing up that read in the game thread.

    Here's the short version, the quick and dirty "how should I act in a game" version: For the purposes of a game of mafia, everything outside the bubble should be treated (publicly) as if it doesn't exist.

    * What a player is or isn't doing online (outside of the game), anywhere, doesn't exist (including forum online status and other ongoing games).

    * The game host doesn't exist. (All communication with / about mods should be done privately)

    * Reports don't exist (if you need to report something, just do it, don't mention it publicly and do not threaten to report someone.) Similarly, infractions and warnings don't exist. If you get one, handle it privately, don't mention it in the game thread. Same applies for substitution intent.

    * Requesting a player to sub out or to concede the game is not an option.

    The exceptions to "the bubble" are a player's previous mafia history / mannerisms / preferences (everything generally covered under the term "meta") excluding ongoing games, and a player alluding to their own real-life status in the context of thread activity levels.

    For example, saying you're going to bed, or going to miss the first 24 hours of a day for RL reasons, or that your dog is on fire, are perfectly acceptable statements. (Though I strongly encourage you to expeditiously assist your dog instead of posting about it in a mafia game.)

    When you make such a statement, however, it is required to be alignment agnostic. No one should be able to plausibly read anything about your alignment into anything you say about your RL status.

    Respect the bubble. Game integrity is an ideal that only works if everyone in the game actively works to maintain it.

    Angleshooting Rules

    Angleshooting in essence is the act of exploiting loopsholes to gain an advantage in the game. If you think something shouldn't be done in the game, it most likely shouldn't and you should ask the mod first.

    Here is some examples of angleshooting:

    "My goodness, you were online at the time the red check was made and already had votes on you. 🤣

    Nice claim, but you really should change your account settings if you want to make a play like this."

    If you're leaning to save Jack, turn your online status off. If you're leaning to let him die, leave it on another 10 minutes.

    If you have been silenced vote me once and if you have been silenced and you have a result on me, vote twice!

    The host says that anyone that votes outside the Pollster targets will be mod killed, so I propose to force the PoE to vote outside the Pollster targets to help clear it, anyone who does not is scum claiming and we chop them.
    In the first example, the player was making a read based on another player's online status.

    In the second example, the player was asking a dead player with post-mortem powers to communicate via hints.

    In the third example, a player is asking a silenced player to communicate through votes.

    In the fourth example, a player is exploiting the host rules regarding a specific card to gain an advantage in the game.

    They are all angleshooting and all those players would be modkilled by me, do not be this player please.
    Tell the truth and you'll lie good.

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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    Some players with moderator privileges have been asked to play with another account with no mod privileges so they don’t post accidentally, after the thread is closed at the end of each day phase.

    Do not read into this as part of the game please.

    Game start in 42 minutes.
    Tell the truth and you'll lie good.

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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    Quote Originally Posted by Seanzie View Post
    Also, is my avatar showing up ItT to others? It isn't showing up for me, but it shows up in my profile, so I don't know why it isn't showing up in thread?

    For some reason this site has two places for pictures. A "profile picture" and an "avatar". Should be under edit avatar.

    A.K.A "That One Idiot"

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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    Quote Originally Posted by NotPaopan View Post

    So far I have been looking on the playerlist and based on the playerlist

    01) Marshmallow Marshall
    02) MartinGG99
    03) StealthBomber16
    04) Mesk514
    05) loldebite
    06) deathworlds
    07) Boba Fett
    08] Gikkle
    09) NotPaopan
    10) Hollowkatt
    11) DoctorZeus
    12) Bradland
    13) Frinckles
    14) PQRnHack
    15) Seanzie

    -vote Marshmallow Marshall
    Check post #1, there is no "Marshall" on the player list this game, you are voting a ghost

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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    Quote Originally Posted by MartinGG99 View Post
    I'm afraid to ask if you happen to know a dog that recently was on fire.
    Yes, where do you think the term "hot dogs" came from?
    Although my mother lied to me as a kid to discourage me from eating hot dogs by telling me that it was actually rat meat; of course now I know that it is dogs.

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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008


    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM Unfunny View Post
    How dare you send me another box of cereal
    Quote Originally Posted by aamirus View Post
    congrats you're an inspiration to pedophiles everywhere
    Quote Originally Posted by Yuesford View Post
    I'm sure.. 100% clownbomber16 is scum. I'll suck my own dick if I'm wrong.
    Quote Originally Posted by Plotato View Post
    if you are still confused i have a stellar comeback which involves more insulting of the french.
    Quote Originally Posted by ChannelMiner View Post
    Anyways I shot Brad due to my morbid fear of zombies.

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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    Quote Originally Posted by NotPaopan View Post

    I see that you have changed your avatar
    Dropping an easter egg I believe...
    Pretty sus... Pretty sus... But the color of ur amongus is green with a knife.
    Still 50-50. Taking note~ Need more info on this one
    LOL no and the Host, Guillo, already said to avoid angleshooting etc. so please move on. I forgot to update my avatar for this game as my last game was played on an anon account. I like to have a new Avatar for each new game, but was a bit late on this one so just picked something funny amongus from search.

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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    Quote Originally Posted by Seanzie View Post
    I did notice the avatar change, yes, but that is not the reason I am voting them.
    Quote Originally Posted by NotPaopan View Post
    As I stated earlier
    I'm still not convinced.
    A green amongus with an "unenchanted" diamond sword doesn't look like a scum.
    What do you think then?

    so uh

    lets leave the avatar change stuff out of the game

    before Guilo becomes a 2nd 3rd party player and gets overpowered abilities
    A.K.A "That One Idiot"

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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    Quote Originally Posted by PQRnHack View Post
    LOL no and the Host, Guillo, already said to avoid angleshooting etc. so please move on. I forgot to update my avatar for this game as my last game was played on an anon account. I like to have a new Avatar for each new game, but was a bit late on this one so just picked something funny amongus from search.
    Ah. I understand. Let's drop this

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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    Changing the avatar while the game is still ongoing is now prohibited! This is grounds for a modkill. Ive heard stories about avatar changes and i don’t like them.

    If you dont have an avatar you may add one, but for the love of whoever your god is, do mot try to cheat! I love mod killing cheaters and my knife is thirsty. ;)

    Do not respond or talk about this warning.
    Last edited by Guillo; January 23rd, 2022 at 09:55 AM.
    Tell the truth and you'll lie good.

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    Re: S-FM 338: Deck Mafia #008

    Quote Originally Posted by PQRnHack View Post
    What leads you to imagine that your current vote is not on a townie?
    SOmething about the way you tried to get out of my 14-player PoE pinged me, and something about your ``fluff'' just doesn't sit well.

    Is it a strong read? no. But is it the strongest read I have right this second? yes.

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