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    Cult Leader suicide broken

    This game will go down in history as one that will cause a lot of heated discussion about cult. What its role should be, how best to set up cult, should it be explicit or hidden, etc. This game lasted 50 minutes, ending up in a Cult win that should not have happened. Why?
    Because Cult Leader's suicide mechanic doesn't work.

    Cult Leader was enabled for my save, a 8 town 3 cult (CL, cultist, WD) 3 neut 1 any save (Any Rand had to be removed due to the autokick of possdiamp, 1-S2-1-12397101) , with cult being able to convert once every second night (b/c I thought each cultist can successfully convert, instead of the current model of CL converts, cultists vote on who to convert like with mafia/triad's -target).

    In this game, 3 and 7 were Cultists, with 14 as WD. 3 was promoted to Cult Leader at the beginning of Night 1 (3/50 min).

    At the end of Night 2 (11/50 min), a vigilante shoots Cult Leader. That means the Cults' suicide mechanic should kick in at any moment.

    Cult Leader's death was revealed at the beginning of Day 3. Cultists have not suicided then.

    Night 3 begins (17/50 min), and Cult still hasn't suicided.

    Night 3 ends (18.5/50 min) with the Cult failing to convert a victim. They still haven't suicided.

    At this point, the Cult and WD have been completely found out by the town, but as the pattern repeats: they did not suicide.

    At the game's halfway point (25/50 min), all original cultists have been lynched, except the converted Veteran (WD got on the last cultist as he goes to vet) and the WD.

    The second half of the game became mindgames as the Cult slowly dragged the game out, converting one night at a time until town is led to a critical mislynch, giving Cult an undeserved win after 50 grueling minutes of frantic psychological warfare.

    Changes needed to Cult Leader:

    1. Make sure his suicide mechanic works properly. All cultists need to suicide, whatever at once, or one suicide at a time.

    2. Make Cult Leader night immune once his suicide mechanic is functional. He shouldn't be able to be easily cucked by a Mason Leader or a lucky vigilante.

    3. Make Cult Leader a separate role instead of being under Cultist. Will make CL more customizable in the future.

    4. Name Cult Leader "Prophet" instead, its a cooler and more specific title. We don't call gov roles "Town leader" or Godfather "Mafia Leader" lol
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