LWs and PMs disable themselves during save setup?

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    LWs and PMs disable themselves during save setup?

    On all three of my saves, Last Wills and PMs are enabled. I made sure of it in save editor.

    Spoiler : Save 1 :

    Spoiler : Save 2 :

    Spoiler : Save 3 :

    Whenever I host the first save, which shows up by default, the LWs and PMs are enabled as intended.

    Then I host an actual lobby.

    Spoiler : PUT UP SAVE 1 :

    As usual, Save 1 loads up. Normally this goes without a hitch, with LWs and PMs on.

    Then I started the game.

    Spoiler : big image :

    And then I switch my save

    Spoiler : SAVE 2 PUT UP :

    Note in that image that the LW and PM checkboxes are checked, meaning they should be enabled. But looking at the replay, once the game actually starts, turns out they were disabled. Everyone raises a fuss.

    This wasn't an intentional grief, there actually is a bug.
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    Re: LWs and PMs disable themselves during save setup?

    i dunno if frinckles fixed this but i remember there was an issue that clicking the arrows to change save slots didn't load (visually) the new save's settings for the stuff in the box up top (day length, lws, trial type, etc.)
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