Something I have been chewing on recently in social interactions is how there is such a substantial difference between the connotation and denotation of a word. Whats interesting though is that in spite of the formal denotation of what was said in a model of communication the connotation often determines how the message is received and sent.

For Mafia it occurred to me that many players dependence on mechanical hunting is specifically because it cuts through arguments and manipulation leaving established data. What I was considering is if a simple method could be used to break down the intentions aside from the arguments to reflect patterns as an intention indicator. If I am a wolf I could come up with creative arguments to dissuade pressure on my fellow wolf and when the arguments are examined what I have done seems reasonable but on the macro level looking at these pushes to keep a player alive or to kill a different player could help to push inductive reasoning more towards the deductive appeal that has many players attracted to mechanical aspects of the game.

Really early thought and its already kinda done in some ways but I do not think I have ever seen a structured process with that focus and I feel like it could be effective. Im curious if anyone has already tried something along these lines and what they did.