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    Quote Originally Posted by Veliaire View Post
    Ventriloquist: Neutral Evil
    Ability: Silence a person and steal their voice each night to talk as them with a command.

    This is basically just the Nymph from the Korean mod, only renamed to something that makes more sense.
    Interesting. Wonder how strong it could be.

    Would you "learn" how to speak as the person each night? Then each person you learn from would add a day button to switch between?

    Or I suppose it could just be one person at amy given time.
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    Re: Ventriloquist

    The role in KR Mafia works on one person at a time.

    Basically a Neutral Evil Silencer with the added ability to speak through their mouth in day chat using the prefix command "-cr", e.g. "-cr Lynch mayor now, he's culted"

    Chat without -cr will come from the Ventriloquist, allowing him to speak both as himself and as his controlled target.

    The limitation in KR Mafia is that you cannot PM as your controlled target because there is no such command. As a result it can be obvious when someone is being controlled, e.g. during a Mayor reveal and no pm.

    I think this design shortfall this can be easily rectified with a joint command (-crpm or -pmcr).

    Imo the role can be pretty strong by confusing day chat. E.g. Controlling a confirmed Town to lead a lynch, making a player give a flimsy defense so that he gets lynched, controlling an Investigative role with a lead to retract his lead, etc.
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