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    I'm just checking in

    Hey fellas. I haven't played SC2Mafia since the fall of 2020 when I had to deal with college, and ever since I haven't really came back, especially once Blizzard's sex harrassment scandals came out. Despite not having paid a single cent to play SC2 and therefore SC2Mafia, or on any Blizzard product period, I am still inclined against using Battle.NET due to my grievances with the Blizzard corporation. With that said however, I really miss the SC2Mafia game, I'm just not sure I would find any reason or opportunity to play it again, unless it happens to be bustling like never before. So how is it holding up?

    I have played a Forum Mafia game in the summer of 2020 that was explicitly designed to help SC2Mafia mod players learn about the forum game. All said and done it was really fun, and I would be up for playing another Forum Mafia game that is friendly to beginners, but the concern about absolute pros jumping in and making the game lopsided is pretty concerning, not to mention my sleeping schedule is kinda fucked now, but that might just fix itself to be somewhat normal for an American within a few weeks. I like how I can just come in and out of the game inbetween doing stuff, while with a SC2Mafia game you have to spend atleast 20 minutes queuing up (unless you get lucky and log in to SC2 seeing a 13/15 lobby lol), and anything ranging from 5 to 45 minutes actually playing a game without much opportunity to afk for any longer than a quick piss. I had more freetime back in the day to do that, and for now I still do, but I might lose said freetime eventually, so I'm thinking about trying out more games of Forum Mafia since it will better paced for my current situation.

    Anyhow, I hope this community has been doing well the past 2 years. Here's to 2022.
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    https://imgur.com/a/NqMwElZ fuck it heres all the sc2mafia pics i would have put in the sig



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