SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2022 Edition

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    ban SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2022 Edition

    SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2022 Edition

    How To Enter:
    Post in this thread with the following information:

    • A replay of the game
    • SC2 Account Name
    • In-game name and player #
    • A brief description on why you think you (or the player you're nominating) deserves to be MVP.

    Nominating An MVP:
    You can nominate yourself in your own replay, or you can nominate another player. If you nominate a winning player, you will also receive 500 points.

    How To Win:
    Factors that lead to a win are... how strong your given role was, Special Achievements you earned (or would have earned if not already won), how good (or bad) the other players were, and, most importantly, how much influence your own actions had on the game.

    Additional Information:
    This thread will be open until the end of 2022, at which time the contest will be closed for judging. Please remember to follow the rules below when posting a replay. And remember... be sneaky and have some fun!

    WINNER: MVP In-Game Achievement, MVP Forum Badge, and 2500 points.
    RUNNER-UP: 500 points.


    • A maximum of 2 replays are allowed per submitting player. Any submissions beyond the first 2 will be ignored. If you want to make additional submissions, delete an older post first to ensure you only have 2 submissions.
    • You cannot place more than once per contest... this means you cannot win 1st place with one replay and also 2nd place with another.
    • Replays must be complete and not end before points are saved at the end.

    shamelessly copied from Rumox's 2019 thread. Varcron was the winner of the 2019 contest.
    Exeter was the winner of the 2020 contest.
    Varcron was the winner of the 2021 contest.
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    Re: SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2022 Edition

    Giving point reward amounts considering only a select group of people isn't the best way to go about it. I don't keep up with what points most people have, but for arguments sake lets say it's between 10-30k. The break points to unlock new stuff for these players are,


    20k would blow through too many of these high end unlocks. 10k is easier to agree to. But only for players that have 10-30k points.

    If we give 10-20k points to anyone above that range, it's literally pointless. If we give it to people below the range, they blow through way too many break points. The game should still have a sense of progression despite winning this contest for most people. Afterall, the point of this contest is for the achievement. There is NO other way to obtain this achievement besides players that were given it on the spot by staff who were blown away by their play.

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    Re: SC2Mafia MVP Contest: 2022 Edition

    Nominating myself.

    SC2 Account Name: Wrath
    In-game name: Sir Gideon Ofnir #15

    A brief description on why you think you (or the player you're nominating) deserves to be MVP:
    Played arguably one of the hardest starting role selections that includes 2 Triad 2 Mafia, NK, and 2 TKs as a confirmed elector in the role list.

    N1- redirected 7's votes with myself after realizing that he is town core by the hypothetical reading I made of his d1 chat

    D2- Soft claiming det here, as soon as player 5 claims he is sheriff and checked 7 I double down on my detective claim. In the case that he is actually sheriff, I would be at the bottom of the killing role's lists because of TG and 2 TPs and 2 TKs present. Vice versa for town, where 3 different factions all have killing abilities at night, they would direct their attention to others.
    A player quickly notices that in BD's LW, he swapped 7 with 5. I quickly check logs and fix it, claiming that I visited 5 instead.

    N2-I randomly select 6 to redirect his votes to 3 instead. 3 ends up dying, which takes away that vote forever for 6. As for 7, I now realize that he was swapped with 5 and I had taken 5's vote instead of 7. 7 still has his votes.

    D3-As soon as 14 reveals to be marshall, I immediately go back into my lw to add pertinent info and change my mistake the previous day.
    However, due to panicking I put in the wrong info and whisper to marshall that HE visited 6 the previous day ( he had a similar name with 7, who I wanted to base my lw off of). Luckily, this is the mod so no one pays attention. However, because I have 2 votes at this time, I choose to abstain from voting in the event of being outed.

    N3-2 Mafia members down, with their 3rd member dying as well from the AR slot. After noticing 4's contributions to lynching 2 mafia members and double checking the log, I choose to redirect his votes to myself.

    D4-At this point I know 10 is the triad member as he (much like me) is refusing to vote up anyone in fear of revenge lynching. I decide to spend the majority of my effort wasting time for triad to make the night kill. At this point, it's hilarious because 2 out of 4 town cannot vote, so they can't do anything.

    N4-As soon as I hear the night kill feedback (in case 10 was rbed), I proceed with the final stage of my plan by revealing and asking him to vote with me on 7.

    D4-At this point it is the Veteran, Detective, and Sheriff alive: 4, 6 , 7 respectively. 10 is Triad.
    4 cannot vote because I stole his vote N3.
    6 Cannot vote either because I redirected his vote N2 to 3 who is dead.
    7 can still vote, but can't lynch anyone.
    10 votes with me on 6. Our combined votes barely make the minimum of 3 votes.
    I troll and pretend to believe 6 is Triad.

    N4- I make 4 ragequit because he can't do anything. 7 decides to suicide as well.

    D5- With 10's help, I get the solo poisoner win screen as elector.
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