PQHack: 1-S2-1-515276

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    PQHack: 1-S2-1-515276

    Account Name: PQHack
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-515276
    Your Server: NA
    Approximate Points: 150000

    Something happened such that now I get instantly-kicked (game returns to screen with 0:01 played), unless I delete the Bank file or go to an older version. Replay analyzer shows 0:00 GameUserLeave leaveReason=0;

    [not particularly relevant, but...] I tried using Discord bot's //bankrecover feature on half a dozen replays, including those from months ago (before any issues), and it always starts me out as "is a new player" and all reset, so that feature is not working for some reason, even on replays for which corresponding months'-old bank file works fine (if I just restore it on the local PC, instead of using the Discord Bot restore feature, which didnt work).

    After further investigation, I found that the last game that didn't terminate prematurely had me at 150000 points. Looks like I am getting auto-kicked for reaching or exceeding this point count.

    Attached replay is the last game in which I did not get instantly returned to main SC2 menu (this is where you will see 150000).

    Note that killy 1-S2-1-5387491 is also near 150k here, so might run into the same issue.

    -Mafia 20 beta- (154).SC2Replay

    I informed Frinckles of this finding on Discord as well, but am not sure if this is something he would fix or not, so posting here just in case.
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    Re: PQHack: 1-S2-1-515276

    Quote Originally Posted by Arrow View Post
    Does appear to be the case. Uploading an attempted fix now.
    @PQRnHack Please respond back here if you are/aren't able to enter games now.
    and to clarify he updated the 1.0 map but we haven't updated the 2.0 map yet, but he confirmed 150k points was the established ceiling so i think that was the cause of all your issues
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