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    Account Name: TrollLord

    Account Name: TrollLord
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-1960603
    Your Server: North America
    Approximate Points: 10,000

    Hi I used to play mafia alot until world of warcraft shadowlands came out then took like an 8 month break from starcraft 2 while i played that. i uninstalled starcraft 2 assuming i could just reinstall and nothing would change but when i reinstalled my points were not there. i do not have a replay of any games but i have been reported by altech twice before (we didnt like each other) and played with alot of popular people often like killy, Law, Airdawg, and zzorange. I had just unlocked blacklisting about a month before i unintalled. Also if it helps, I was named Yogurt for awhile before i renamed to TrollLord. thanks
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    Re: Account Name: TrollLord

    Restored as per the approval.
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    MM Magoroth and Distorted are the 3 baddies
    just like Agrael Acriel and Auwt being the original 3 baddies
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    MafiaZ and Skwirl its all a repeat of history
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    But Potoss has Pobes, Zeelot, and Acrons!
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    Screw you I actually have more grudges towards the people who have their names start with A



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