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    Culture of moderation

    Sometimes I think about entropy. How structures slowly devolve and how this applies to social structures and their managment.

    Something that I found particularly elegant about SC2's punishment system was the principle that punishments would be treated in ratio to frequency. That there was a designated time line for escalation.

    But this was also the most neglected concept when I was Warden. It was probably near my end that I realized that the neglect of this concept created a structure that would slowly alienate our player base. I very poorly addressed this issue and I have no idea if its still a breach of the original design for moderation.

    Something I have been considering lately is how that pattern structures the growth of a forum. It may be worth considering if community growth is limited by such a structure or if its ethical to escalate punishments without regard to the growth that comes with time. I am a little lost right now between the global community as a super structure in my mind but I felt like this was worth a conversation.

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    Re: Culture of moderation

    So many big words.
    But my manager at work complains about minor mistakes i make (maybe one or two a month)
    Yet they don't understand my arguement, that it's unfairly measured as I'm the employee who puts in the most hours and days.
    If I make 2 mistakes in a month working 5 days a week.
    Yet someone else makes 1 mistake a month working half a day a week.

    How is it even fair to criticize my work? (Especially when the company has admitted there is a flaw in the process which enables the minor mistake to occur)
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    Re: Culture of moderation

    I had a conversation with Lag about it last night although it became apparent to me that such patterns were much more prevalent in Arcade moderation than it FM (and to be clear I did not make this topic because of any recent FM moderation actions.)

    Independent of results this is just poking at the thought process of whats considered when deciding on punishments. The individuals history is of great pertinence in line with prior actions being the greatest predictor of future actions to protect the community as well as to rehabilitate the individual. At some point when I have time I have been considering writing up a piece on ethical considerations of moderation derived from legal concepts but this is one substantial aspect of accepted thought process.

    In a certain discord channel I have grown very fond of I recently poked at another of understanding individuals intentions behind their actions but I think the person I poked on it did not want to touch the subject when I asked them what other way they feel things should be handled which was disappointing.

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    Re: Culture of moderation

    The ethics of moderation would be an interesting topic. This game mafia has naturally developed a legal system necessitating moderation. The biggest problem with in-game moderation, and I learned this the hard way, is that it disrupts the natural evolution of the game. In the same way that the International Criminal Court borrows legal concepts, the mafia community has built a bureaucratic process to address numerous concerns in the community, and the process they use has a basis in reality. The checks and balances here developed naturally, and that is intriguing to me.

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