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    Astral: 1-s2-1-5956964

    acct name: Astral
    acct id: 1-s2-1-5956964
    in-game name: Primo

    Crimes committed: Intentional Game-Throwing

    Your acct name: ikarusdk
    Summary: In 1 Triad, 1 Sk, 2 Town, 1 neut benign(?) standoff situation, as BG, he votes off confirmed vet, starts defending SK till BG is killed off. Vet still had 2 alerts left, which could've been used to bait the remaining triad and Sk to win. Suspected teaming with Sk but unsure.

    -Mafia- (54).SC2Replay
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    Re: Astral: 1-s2-1-5956964

    1-S2-1-5956964 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:


    Previous Offenses:


    Player Offenses:


    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    Astral - BODYGUARD - 5


    Setup: Nothing.
    Names: Nothing.
    Roles: Nothing.
    D1: Nothing of note.
    N1: 5 (BODYGUARD) protects 7 and updates his LW. He is, however, roleblocked.
    D2: 13 (JAILOR) is dead. 15 claims SURVIVOR. 11 claims Audited. 14 reveals himself as the MAYOR, and 4 is eliminated, flipping INVESTIGATOR.
    N2: 5 guards 7.
    D3: 11 (AUDITOR) is dead. 14 sologuilties 6, who flips DRAGON HEAD.
    N3: 5 guards 7.
    D4: 2 (VIGILANTE) and 14 (MAYOR) are dead. 10 (CORONER) is eliminated.
    N4: 5 guards 7. Checking 7's role...SERIAL KILLER? 5 is Roleblocked.
    D5: 9 (ESCORT), 1 (ENFORCER), and 3 (DOCTOR) are all dead, the latter two to a VETERAN. 12 claims VETERAN with no counterclaim. There is a SURVIVOR, a BODYGUARD, a VETERAN, a DECIEVER, and a SERIAL KILLER. Despite his claim to be depleted, the VETERAN has 2 alerts left. 12 correctly calls 7 as the other evil. Eventually they put the non-counterclaimed VETERAN on the stand by vote of the Triad, SERIAL KILLER, and BODYGUARD. The SURVIVOR and TRIAD eliminate him 2-0.
    N5: 5 guards 7. No kills are attempted.
    D6: Nobody is dead. Arguments, no elimination.
    N6: 5 guards 8. No kills attempted.
    D7: Nobody is dead. Day ends with 2 votes on 5.
    N7: 5 covers 8, and dies defending him from the SERIAL KILLER.
    D8: 7 and 5 are dead. The ENFORCER claims a TRIAD win, with a SURVIVOR addon.

    Was the game result altered?
    Maybe. Town had plurality, sure, but they needed the SURVIVOR to get off an elimination. Assuming they got one off on the Triad or SK, with the VETERAN claimed, even lying about being out of alerts, the most likely next night visit would be to the BODYGUARD, which brings us to a VET vs SCUM with a SURVIVOR as kingmaker.


    2x WL

    Additional Notes:
    I do not believe 7 and 5 were coordinating OOG. 5 clearly picked someone to chainguard early in the game and just followed through on it for a long time.

    Thank you for the report!

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