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Thread: Escape Artist

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    Escape Artist

    Escape Artist (Neutral Benign)
    Crimes: Identity Theft

    This role will have a passive ability like Jester or Executioner. The win condition will be to replace a person who lynched you. Instead of there being an execution sequence, there will be an escape sequence and one of the guilty voters will be switched with the Escape Artist. The role that appears to the town after the lynching will be the role of the person who was replaced. If the Escape Artist is lynched during a group execution and/or during court, the win condition will not be met. They will be unable to escape and there would be no escape sequence.

    The Escape Artist will be a unique role, with only 1 allowed per lobby. Like the Disguiser, the Escape Artist will be unable to copy the role of the person that is replaced. The Escape Artist will be able to infiltrate any group with a night chat, but the group will immediately know that you are an impostor because the role will appear as "Escape Artist". If the Escape Artist replaces a GF, a mafioso will be created from one of the remaining members. Mafia/Triad will be able to target and kill the Escape Artist. However, an Escape Artist will kill any disguiser/informant that targets him or her similarly to how a witch/enchantress can kill one another.

    Like Cultists and Mason Leaders, the Escape Artist should spawn with Marshalls.

    Given strong feedback I've been given from people advocating for Mafia/Triad in a traditional 8331 setting, the Escape Artist should have the option not to know the members of the group he or she has infiltrated. Though, he or she can still see what is said in night chat, the Escape Artist will not know who is saying it and will have to rely on their own deductive skills to figure out who it is based on what is said at night.

    An Escape Artist must be convincingly-town enough not to be lynched by a Marshall but convincingly-evil enough not to be lynched by a Judge. In addition to the fact that all of town will know that they've lynched an Escape Artist, this balancing act should significantly reduce the incidents of extreme trolling before and after the win condition is met. To the player, the Escape Artist would feel like a combination of Jester and Executioner, but the role would be associated with a much lower likelihood of trolling.

    I believe this role will be a strong deterrent to early random lynches. Depending on the setting, the new role should also incentivize experimenting with new and exciting save-types instead of people defaulting to an 8331.
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