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    Helios: 1-S2-1-357441

    Account Name: Helios
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-357441
    In-Game Name: Giraldo II.

    Crimes Committed: Intentional Game throw

    Your Account Name: Ikarusdk
    Summary: 1 DH remaining, with 3 towns remaining. 1 is the confirmed vet, he has been stating that fact since d3 and is proven due to vet kills from n1. 10 (Helios) argues 1 is the DH and gets him lynched with 2 other towns, (one of them knew 1 wasn't the DH but wanted to finish the game). With 1 dead, town is in shambles and loses the game.

    -Mafia- (49).SC2Replay
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    Re: Helios: 1-S2-1-357441

    1-S2-1-357441 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:


    Previous Offenses:

    No priors in the DB.

    Player Offenses:


    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    Helios - CRIER - 10


    Setup: One player is autokicked.
    Names: One player quits on load-in.
    Roles: None.
    D1: Mechanics question about MM which goes unanswered.
    N1: 10 is the CRIER. Role analysis reveals a WITCH took the only non-killing Neutral Evil spawn, so anything said by the crier is 10. 10 does nothing.
    D2: 13 (ADMINISTRATOR) and 9 (ADMINISTRATOR) are dead, the latter being a game quit, leaving the DRAGON HEAD alone. Two players claim they were jailed. Day is skipped, amongst a bunch of jokes, and the comment of 2 jailors. 12 is accused of being SERIAL KILLER by 8 (DRAGON HEAD). 12 is actually an ARSONIST, so given the lack of a TRIAD kill on N1, probably hit an NI target.
    N2: 10 Crier-comments on current RL events.
    D3: 6 (DOCTOR), 11 (JAILOR) and 12 (ARSONIST) are all dead. PMs start, but 7 is sent up to the stand. Claims Coroner, and gets released 2-2. Day is skipped to let the remaining Jailor jail.
    N3: Crier indicates he's crier in night chat.
    D4: 3 (DOCTOR) and 14 (JAILOR) are dead. An AMNESIAC converts to a JAILOR! 2 is put on trial and goes down, 4-1. Flips WITCH.
    N4: 10 spams with more current events insults.
    D5: 7 (CORONER) is dead. Game state: JAILOR, LOOKOUT, VETERAN, and CRIER oppose a lone DRAGON HEAD. The TRIAD knows who the Vet is. 1 demands roles, on virtue of being confirmed VETERAN. 10 wants to kill 1 instead, claiming he's the DRAGON HEAD. Day ends without any votes coalsecing on a single target.
    N5: 10 is in jail, the jailor claims he's 5. Of course, the JAILOR gets killed tonight.
    D6: 5 (JAILOR) is dead. 10 accuses 1 again, and manages to convince 4 (LOOKOUT) to go along with the vote, despite 10 having been mostly useless all game. 8 (DRAGON HEAD) joins in happily despite having scumslipped on D2. 1 goes down, 3-0 and flips VETERAN. 4 seems to know 8 is the DRAGON HEAD, though. Requires analysis. 10 quits as day ends.
    N6: 10 is dead.
    D7: 10 (CRIER) and 4 (LOOKOUT) are dead. The DRAGON HEAD notches a triad win.

    4 Night action analysis:
    N1: Watched 10 (no visits).
    N2: Watches 3 get visited by 2.
    N3: Watches 2 (no visits).
    N4: Watches 1 (No visits).
    D5: PMs 1 for a role exchange, saying he knows he's vet and he's lookout.
    N5: Watches 8 (No visits).
    D6: Votes up and executes the Veteran he agreed on, presumably wanting the game to end.
    N6: Watches himself but is killed before results.

    Analysis: 4 should not have voted to lynch the known veteran. Adding

    Was the game result altered?

    Additional offenses or players found in replay?

    CountDracula, 1-S2-1-5087436 Gamethrowing.


    2x WL for both.

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!
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