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    Classified 1-S2-1-346819

    As the Jailor Classified executed the Marshall on night one. On day 2 I called out the DH as a lookout. When it was clear that the vote to put up the DH, 5, was not going to happen, I requested that the Jailor jail 5. The game continues on the generic dumb town can't follow a lead, honestly no surprise there. We get down to 8 players and none of the Triad has been lynched or killed despite the ongoing lead on the DH. I am silenced and 6/7 of the remaining players acknowledge that I am silenced and that I have a silent vote. For the first time in the entire game, we vote up the DH. Without my ability to talk, he of course gets voted Innocent and ultimately no one is lynched. This entire day, Classified, the Jailor, votes with 2 out of the 3 triad. Instead of Jailing 5 or 15, the two people the town was trying to lynch that day, he jails me who has been confirmed silenced by literally everyone else alive. Naturally, I am unable to talk and he executes me. He also dies this night and we have a rather lengthy conversation which lasts the rest of the game between him, the executed Marshall, and myself. Right out the gates he is accusing both of us of skyping and he goes on to admit that he "chose to fail". Not once did he say that he didn't realize that I was silenced or that silenced people couldn't talk at night. He behaved in a manner that made it very clear that he knew both of these things but decided to jail and execute me regardless.
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    Re: Classified 1-S2-1-346819

    1-S2-1-346819 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:


    Previous Offenses:

    No priors.

    Player Offenses:

    Intentional gamethrowing

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    Classified - JAILOR - 7


    Setup: Nothing of note.
    Names: None.
    Roles: None.
    D1: 13 PMs another player. 7 opts to jail 13. When 13 speaks, 9 says "You're already dead. Better have a good excuse."
    N1: 7 (JAILOR) has 13 in jail. 13 claims Marshall but is executed. Note that this is not actionable normally, since SERIAL KILLER is possible and kills roleblockers is on, so this in and of itself could be a bad gut check...if he hadn't threatened 9 already.
    D2: 11 (BUS DRIVER), 13 (MARSHALL), and 12 (ESCORT) are all dead. The mafia leaves a deathnote indicating 11 is their next target (WTF?). 9 softclaims jailor and says 13 deserved it as "Kid wouldn't talk.", justifies it by asking why he PMed on D1 as game started. Day is skipped.
    N2: 7 has nobody in jail (forgot to jail)? He updates his LW instead but has nothing of use in it.
    D3: 1 (SHERIFF) and 10 (CULTIST) are dead. Rolecheck: 1 SURVIVOR, 3 TRIAD, 1 CULTIST, 1 SERIAL KILLER, 4 TOWN. Town has lost majority. 5 indicates 15 should be eliminated, saying he visited 10 last night. 10 died to the TRIAD, and 5 is the DRAGON HEAD, so obviously this is a sellout. 14 is eventually put to trial, seemingly because he's AFK. He goes down 4-1, with 7 voting to eliminate. Additionally 7 updates his LW. 14 flips SURVIVOR.
    N3: 7 cannot jail.
    D4: 3 (CULTIST) is dead. The Triad leaves a Death note that 2 is night immune. Faked; 2 is a LOOKOUT, and the DH has killed every night and is backed with a SILENCER and an INCENSE MASTER, so has no way to have gained this "information". 7 selects to jail 2. 2 votespams to indicate he is blackmailed, which is called out by 5, who also notes that the death note (which, ironically, he left) was fake. 5 is put on trial. He is pardoned 4-2, with 7 voting to pardon. 7 changes his jail target, then changes it back to 2 during this. 15 is put on trial, but makes it off safely 4-3 with 7 voting to hang. Day ends.
    N4: 2 is in 7's jail, and is blackmailed, so he cannot defend himself. This was called out publicly the previous day by 5. 7 threatens 2 several times before piping in an execution since 2 'fails' to respond. 7 is taken out by both the TRIAD and the SERIAL KILLER.
    D5: 7 and 2 are dead. Game state analysis: a VETERAN and a DOCTOR stand alone against three TRIAD and a SERIAL KILLER. Town is doomed. Death chat includes combative chat between 2 and 13 vs 7. Day is skipped.
    N5: Night. Dead chat argument continues.
    D6: 4 (???)(SILENCER) is dead. Argument continues in dead chat. No elimination.
    N6: Night. Argument continues.
    D7: 6 (INCENSE MASTER) and 15 (???)(VETERAN) are dead. 8 (SERIAL KILLER) is instantly trialed by the other two, and voted off by the DRAGON HEAD, 1-0. Argument in dead chat continues.
    N7: Night. Argument continues. 5...commits suicide?
    D8: 5 (DRAGON HEAD) is dead. With the sole survivor being a lone DOCTOR, town wins the game.

    Was the game result altered?
    Well this is an interesting question. Overall, my feeling is that 7's actions, as negative as they were for the overall game, didn't affect the outcome. While the early execution of 1 was certainly bad for town, by the time he executed 2, town was already on the ropes without vote power, and realistically without the ability to take out the remaining threats having lost vote capacity. What DID affect the outcome of the game is 5 deciding to suicide at the last minute and hand the win to a beleagured town. I don't know if he felt guilty or he intended to gamethrow all along, but since nobody seems to really have been upset about that particular turn of events, I'm not going to do anything other than mark his ID in case this becomes a habit.

    Additional offenses or players found in replay?

    Makjuice - 1-S2-1-448601 - Evidence against future gamethrowing accusations.


    3x WL for Classified

    Additional Notes:

    Admittedly, I didn't see the surprise town win coming when I was reviewing! I do feel that 'choosing to fail' by full admission is basically an admission of gamethrowing.

    Thank you for the report!

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