StarCraft 2 Mafia Black Screen Error

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    Re: StarCraft 2 Mafia Black Screen Error

    Can you include the replay file?

    Follow this guide
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    Re: StarCraft 2 Mafia Black Screen Error

    In order of most likely to least likely causes of your problem:
    1) Some random driver throwing a tantrum
    2) Your graphics card
    3) Some other minor bug with your hardware/software that you shouldn't worry about unless it becomes a recurring thing
    4) The SC2 Client
    5) Gnomes
    6) An issue with the mafia map itself

    If it's not a recurring issue, don't worry about it. If it is a recurring issue, there's still likely nothing anyone on this site can do because it's very unlikely that it's because of a bug with the map

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    Re: StarCraft 2 Mafia Black Screen Error

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    Doesn't seem to be doing it anymore, I think I'm good now. Played a couple games today. No black screen. Maybe I just needed to let my laptop rest.
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