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    Serena: 1-S2-1-12174892

    Account Name: Serena
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-12174892
    In-Game Name: PedoDaDDy

    Crimes Committed: Griefing & Smurf Acct.

    Your Account Name: yodaddy
    Summary: Rachyl rolls Kidnapper in slot #13. Kidnaps and executes #7 because she thought #7 was me. Day 2 and Rachyl spams pedodaddy this and that and she is going to kill my family then just leaves the game, leaves mafia short handed. Town wins.

    This is a known Rachyl smurf, please get rid of it.

    Replay: Serena-Rachyl Grief.SC2Replay
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    serena 1-12174892 frankzappa 1-5314859

    Account Name: serena
    Account ID: 1-12174892
    In-Game Name: willy wonks

    Account Name: frankzappa
    Account ID: 1-5314859
    In-Game Name: vaughan

    Crimes Committed: witchunting throwing racism
    Your Account Name: yolo

    much insults against me before game start rachyll style.

    game starts day3 from jagdpanther save.

    day3 serena lynch player "serena is a loser"
    thinking it's me
    "lynch 10 he is intaro".
    town inno 10 is alive.
    player vaughan spam intaro is a fggot in colored characters.

    day4 serena role quits from the fail to lynch 10 (who isn't me)
    serena is an alt of rachyll or frankzappa.

    player vaughan (frankzappa) quits after being lynched with racist insults against 5
    maybe he thinks it's me.

    town wins but the infractions are here.

    frank serena is rachill witchunt jagdpanther hack game starts d3.SC2Replay
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    covid bankrupt the planet , next is war

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    Re: Serena: 1-S2-1-12174892

    ID Verification :

    Serena 1-S2-1-12174892 Correct
    FrankZappa 1-S2-1-5314859 Correct

    Summary :

    Serena attacks personally yodaddy in setup selection.
    Rolled Kidnapper in slot #13 with the name "PedoDaDDy".
    #7 has the name "Serena is hacker", Serena instantly jailed this person.

    Press execute and wrote "bye pedo", proceeded to claim Kidnapper, and ignoring the spy claim.

    Day 2, Serena once again insulted and personal attack yodaddy, even threatening his familly.
    Upon entering N2, Serena left the game, with no apparent reason ?

    2nd replay is the same, Serena tries to lynch #10 while witch-hunting. but doesn't manage to put him up.
    Left seeing it did not work.

    Serena might not be a new player, but hard to tag a Smurfing case here.

    Regarding FrankZappa this is the only slur used in the game :

    I 06:09 [FrSeBe]FrankZappa ALL im checking your name 5 you dumb nigger

    Likely not enough to build a case here.

    Player Offenses :

    Serena : Griefing (Personal Attacks), Reactionary Gamethrowing (Leaving game)

    FrankZappa : None.

    Previous Offenses :

    Serena : None.

    FrankZappa : Leave-Train (WLx2, August 2021)
    Griefing (Spam+Racism)
    Role-Quitting Evidence
    Other (Racism)
    Pending Evidence (Other)
    Other (Additional Information)

    Recommended Action :

    Serena : WLx3

    FrankZappa : None.

    Additional Notes :

    Thanks for the reports !
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