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    AnoffeX 1-S2-1-689689

    Account Name: eLTee:#11213
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-689689
    Server: NA

    This is a brand new PC so I will not be able to find a replay of a game that shows me having a lot of points. Let me find a replay that shows a replay I posted on here that may show some points I's not going to be the full amout of points, though.

    -Mafia- (19).SC2Replay

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    Re: AnoffeX 1-S2-1-689689

    Thanks brah, I'm pretty sure I heard a lil more points that that, though. Where's the discord link? I know people will recognize me.

    EDIT: I'm in the discord now. ZZorange recognizes me CorvoAttano knows me, too. I switched PC's around 4 months ago and had a lot of stuff.
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    Re: AnoffeX 1-S2-1-689689

    Replay from November the 23rd 2020.
    This is the latest replay you were in (amongst the replays in my folder), before your point loss happened.
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    Re: AnoffeX 1-S2-1-689689

    Thanks @Auwt !

    Approved for 5613 points, 109 wins out of 243 games played, plus achievements Flawless Victory, Divine Guidance, Last of Kin, State Religion, Disco Inferno, Jailbreak, Corleone, Mission Failed, Zombie Suicide, and Justice. Please hook up with an admin in our discord using the Point Restore tag and someone can get you taken care of.

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