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    Re: HMOP's Daily Post Until ZZOrange Is Banned Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by HentaiManOfPeace View Post
    Jesus Christ, bud. Please learn proper English grammar. I'm not going to use any of my PhD energy to read a goddamn book title.
    Big respect man, despite the anime profile picture you do seem to be rather intellectually competent! I only managed a masters degree in a quantitative engineering field before I ducked out.

    Sure is a shame to see how many people can't seem to logically reason more than one or two steps. I don't think it's a cognitive fault or some sort of congenital thing, although there is a strong correlation between height and IQ, as well as physical ability and IQ. I think it more has to do with upbringing. You know, I had a friend from an eastern European nation who told me that critical thinking was not only not taught until university, it was actively discouraged. I wonder if there's a correlation between the opinions of people in this thread and the extent of their education, and what the intellectual and cultural values were of the places where their formative educational years were spent?

    I imagine that doesn't apply to you, of course. I can't imagine you can complete a PhD without critical thinking skills, in any field. What field of CS was your PhD in?
    Quote Originally Posted by Oberon View Post
    from time to time, I act very much like a normal person.
    My spirit animal:

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    Re: HMOP's Daily Post Until ZZOrange Is Banned Thread

    I've got a great idea, aamirus, why don't you discipline those other blokes being mean to me?

    I've broken zero rules here. Just a man seeking great justice against an "alcoholic", pathologic liar who said he was going to leave, but is still here! 8 crimes and here he's still walking around with his chest up like his farts smell like perfume.

    As per my name, I'm a man of peace (not child as others claim). But I'm not going to be peaceful when there's clearly a huge misgrieving I cannot forgive. Like I said before, I'll honour my word and leave you all alone IF you guys ban his forum account and further iterations of it. I won't pick any more fights, I swear.

    He's a cancer to this community and it's absolutely appalling how many people are willing to protect this rulebreaker. With these many supporters, even Hitler could get away with anything.

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