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Thread: Introspection

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    The only community that I know of that has members going out of their way attacking other members of their own community regularly.

    On most communities the members try to have a positive impact on their own community or at least not a negative one.
    Even a community that throw profanities at each other do it in a idiomatic swearing kind of way.
    There's exceptions of course. CivFanatics' FM got split into 3 different communities after a certain ban/dispute. The entire FoL/ToL community was at one point ready to leave the site due to owners dispute, they even had their MU subforum ready to go for that purpose. ToS' FM basically died - who knows what's the reason there.

    But no community such as this.

    I imagine we are how we are thanks to the negativity from reports carrying over to the rest of the forum over the course of years?

    On that note, I wish to tell you guys that I'm envious of those of you who have been constantly present on the site yet still immune to the temptations of the dark side.
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    from time to time, I act very much like a normal person.

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    Re: Introspection

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJack View Post
    Although I disagree with people I don't love them less. They are a key part to the community and I wouldn't want them gone.

    Even @Calix I have mad respect for.
    ^ very much that.
    Quote Originally Posted by aamirus View Post
    sounds like all the other communities are worse
    Strange, I heard that on other communities too.
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    Mallow are you really an anti vaxxer
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