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    Stress cures

    Often I've had stress which wouldn't go away no matter what I tried. Sometimes it was something obvious to address, like that time when I asked to get banned, but that's not always the case. Sometimes the thing that made my stress disappear surprised me.

    Stress-cures that surprised me:
    -Taking the first vitamins. (that day I didn't care about anything, go figure)
    -Doing physical exercises first time in like forever.
    -Doing mental exercises first time in like forever.
    -Someone asking me how I'm feeling.
    -Fucking up.

    Those first 4 were a major letdown when I learned that they didn't work the next time but something else did. They broke a long ongoing stress at their times though.
    The 5th one often works one way or the other, and the 6th one was so unexpected that it caused this thread.

    Has there ever been a stress cure in your life that caught you off guard? I want to learn about them.
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    from time to time, I act very much like a normal person.

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    Re: Stress cures

    Breathing exercises like square breathing help; Look into research on the Vagus Nerve -- They're used extensively in different therapies and in some militaries. Will do fuck all for underlying causes such as depression, insomnia etc. but it helps get it away long enough for the melatonin to kick in.

    Other than coping with it, try eliminating direct or supplemental causes of the stress. Sometimes we can handle a lot but one or two things can push us over.

    Don't be afraid to be happy.
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    Re: Stress cures

    I try to frame the problem in terms of me not thinking enough (or in other words, stupidity). Very often this turns out to be indeed the case.
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    Re: Stress cures

    Yah I use square breathing sometimes before physical work - it's intended purpose.

    Out of all breathing exercises against stress, square breathing would've been one of those that I wouldn't have mentioned tbh.

    Unless you're living a physically and psychically healthy life, there's never gonna be a 1 universal fix.
    Except if we're talking only about stress that's caused by emotions.
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    from time to time, I act very much like a normal person.

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    Re: Stress cures

    Taking more breaks and taking the time to walk is also good for you too. Walking in particular is great for spurring creativity so you can come back to later problems with a different way to tackle it.

    Personally, masturbation is a great stress reliever. I recommend that you do it more often.
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