{Watch List} SevenForce 1-S2-1-11986319 kev 1-S2-1-11989944 SkinWhistle 1-S2-1-1759173

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    SevenForce 1-S2-1-11986319 kev 1-S2-1-11989944 SkinWhistle 1-S2-1-1759173

    Account Name: sevenforce
    Account ID: 1-11986319
    In-Game Name: bryan danielson

    Crimes Committed: witch hunting then intentional gamethrow

    Your Account Name: topkek


    kev is crier
    says the N word + insults every few seconds....

    sevenforce is town.
    last day
    they trial me
    but i am jailor who executed the survivor
    with no counter claim .
    sevenforce says "it's because you are intaro (old me) + insults"
    then he votes guilty.

    i was going to jail 9 mafioso . but this witch hunter
    threw the game.

    town lose

    sevenforce and kev.SC2Replay
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    covid bankrupt the planet , next is war

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    Re: int gamethrowing witch hunting sevenforce 1-11986319 kev N word every seconds 1-11989944

    SevenForce 1-S2-1-11986319 Correct
    kev 1-S2-1-11989944 Correct
    SkinWhistle 1-S2-1-1759173 Added to report

    Respective Hotkeys
    SevenForce 7
    kev ctrl + 4
    SkinWhistle 6

    SevenForce rolls Sheriff in slot 1
    amunRa rolls Jailor in slot 14

    SevenForce investigates 13 night 1 and finds him NS.
    Investigates 8 night 2 and finds him NS, is also blackmailed.
    Investigates 14 night 3 and finds him NS.

    As day 4 starts there are 4 town vs 1 mafia.

    All non-town roles are dead except for the Blackmailer turned Mafioso, and since SevenForce checked 14 the previous night, he knows that 14 must be town.

    Despite this fact, here is SevenForce's chat log for day 4:

    Spoiler : Day 4 SevenForce Chat Log :

    10:41 [7Force]SevenForce I was silenced yesterday. thanks BG.
    10:52 [7Force]SevenForce get 14
    10:53 [7Force]SevenForce hes silenced
    10:56 [7Force]SevenForce silcner
    11:02 [7Force]SevenForce get 14
    11:12 [7Force]SevenForce get 14
    11:13 [7Force]SevenForce hes silencer
    11:21 [7Force]SevenForce you are not jailor
    12:16 [7Force]SevenForce why did the jester say you visited me 14? huh???? n3?
    12:19 [7Force]SevenForce guilty
    12:24 [7Force]SevenForce GUILTY
    12:31 [7Force]SevenForce GUILTY
    14 is voted guilty 2 votes to 1. SevenForce voted inno despite advocating for guilty votes.
    13:01 [7Force]SevenForce Yeah because your intaro and you have no life. die loser fuck.
    13:03 [7Force]SevenForce stfu
    13:05 [7Force]SevenForce ill hurt your family
    13:17 [7Force]SevenForce fag
    13:59 [7Force]SevenForce -suicide
    14:40 [7Force]SevenForce game was over.
    14:42 [7Force]SevenForce stfu intaro
    14:42 [7Force]SevenForce die

    The mislynch lowers the score from 4v1 to 3v1.
    SevenForce suicides and mafia kills a target, lowering the game to 1v1, leading to a mafia win.

    The outcome of the game was certainly effected. SevenForce pushed for a lynch on a player that he knew was town with certainty, provided his motivation in chat that it's because he doesn't like the player. And then suicides for no reason, ensuring a town loss.

    Very clear-cut case of Intentional Gamethrowing.


    Also in this game SkinWhistle with the racist name and SkinWhistle and kev with frequent usage of racial slurs.

    Spoiler : SkinWhistle chat log :

    0:15 SkinWhistle lmao new niggers
    0:20 SkinWhistle fucking niggers disgust me

    0:28 SkinWhistle -repick
    0:31 SkinWhistle quiet nigger
    0:38 SkinWhistle NIGGER
    0:42 SkinWhistle N I G G E R
    0:50 SkinWhistle NIGGER
    0:52 SkinWhistle KEV IS A NIGGER

    0:55 SkinWhistle LMAO
    1:00 SkinWhistle U ARE TOO
    1:01 SkinWhistle NIGGER THEME
    1:02 SkinWhistle GO
    1:11 SkinWhistle -Niggerslayer
    1:57 SkinWhistle relax with your beaner juice
    1:59 SkinWhistle dumb bean
    2:09 SkinWhistle anyone heard of NIGGERS?

    2:39 SkinWhistle -lw
    3:34 SkinWhistle probably a nigger sheriff
    3:36 SkinWhistle can't do his job right
    3:44 SkinWhistle same as a nigger doctor
    4:00 SkinWhistle 3 is sk
    4:53 SkinWhistle lynch this fucking nigger... just look at its face
    4:58 SkinWhistle look at its ugly nigger face

    4:59 SkinWhistle kill it
    5:11 SkinWhistle bluegum smoothbrain nigger
    5:34 SkinWhistle lmao nice try nigger

    5:38 SkinWhistle 13 didn't vote
    5:45 SkinWhistle fail
    5:47 SkinWhistle what a retard
    6:10 SkinWhistle -lw
    6:42 SkinWhistle hhahahhaahaha
    6:44 SkinWhistle fuck u dumb nigger
    6:45 SkinWhistle got u good
    7:10 SkinWhistle HAHAHAHAH
    7:25 SkinWhistle I killed mafia u dumb nigger
    7:34 SkinWhistle I actually did my job as bg
    7:36 SkinWhistle unlike u
    7:42 SkinWhistle u trash nigger josh
    7:44 SkinWhistle u r bad
    7:49 SkinWhistle I don't eat bread
    7:51 SkinWhistle u fat fucking nigger
    7:58 SkinWhistle FAT FUCKING NIGGER
    8:47 SkinWhistle 3 got killed like a faggot lmao

    8:49 SkinWhistle ez
    9:01 SkinWhistle u died doing nothing
    9:02 SkinWhistle hahahhaha
    9:04 SkinWhistle what a stupid nigger
    9:12 SkinWhistle I killed gf
    9:20 SkinWhistle I killed gf and u did nothing
    9:23 SkinWhistle u absolute turbonigger
    9:30 SkinWhistle lmao nice detective skills
    9:32 SkinWhistle u fucking retard nigger
    9:37 SkinWhistle fuck u are trash
    9:50 SkinWhistle N I G G E R

    9:58 SkinWhistle LMAO
    10:02 SkinWhistle if anyone should be reported it's u for being so bad
    10:07 SkinWhistle what a filthy nigger
    10:15 SkinWhistle u won't do shit little baby
    10:26 SkinWhistle lmao
    10:31 SkinWhistle upset little pissbaby?
    10:38 SkinWhistle 3 is mad he's so bad at this game
    10:41 SkinWhistle 3 is mad he's a fucking NIGGER
    10:51 SkinWhistle you are disabled
    11:01 SkinWhistle hey look another bg that did his job
    11:09 SkinWhistle looks like 3 is the only retard nigger bg who can't play the game right
    11:21 SkinWhistle funny how u can't do a simple thing like protect town
    11:25 SkinWhistle what a retard
    11:29 SkinWhistle you did nothing
    11:32 SkinWhistle you died doing nothing
    11:38 SkinWhistle no shootout
    11:40 SkinWhistle u did absolutely nothing
    11:51 SkinWhistle lmao k nigger
    11:57 SkinWhistle ugly wide nose retard fucking nigger
    12:00 SkinWhistle admin and u are this bad?
    12:01 SkinWhistle hahhahhah
    12:14 SkinWhistle little pissbaby is upset
    12:16 SkinWhistle lmao
    12:20 SkinWhistle little pissbaby wants to cry
    12:24 SkinWhistle wah wah crybaby wah wah
    12:31 SkinWhistle can't even say nigger
    12:34 SkinWhistle what a faggot
    12:46 SkinWhistle bet u look like this ugly afro nigger irl

    13:08 SkinWhistle lmao
    13:12 SkinWhistle all these mad niggers
    13:15 SkinWhistle but the maddest of all is 3
    13:18 SkinWhistle the failure bg
    13:24 SkinWhistle 3 = turbonigger
    13:52 SkinWhistle u gonna cry
    13:55 SkinWhistle little pissbaby?
    13:58 SkinWhistle little retard 14
    14:05 SkinWhistle u are as much of a nigger as 14
    14:10 SkinWhistle 3 and 14 eternal niggers

    14:16 SkinWhistle and 11 too
    14:23 SkinWhistle a trio of swarthy nigger cretins
    14:47 SkinWhistle lmao retarded niggers

    14:48 SkinWhistle so mad

    Spoiler : kev chat log :

    0:09 kev how do i play
    0:28 kev shut up
    0:36 kev shut up
    0:47 kev bro like why
    0:58 kev im not
    1:13 kev i can tell ur a fucking loser
    1:31 kev skin whistle you ashy knee nigger
    1:43 kev h
    2:11 kev green fucking ashy knee nigger
    2:28 kev fucking nigger
    2:38 kev dumb niggers
    2:55 kev stupid hairy niggers
    3:17 kev nig
    3:58 kev hes probably a nigger

    4:17 kev how do u fucking play this game
    5:13 kev virgin
    5:47 kev be gone nigger
    6:02 kev dirty niggers

    6:22 kev i want a hairy muff right now
    6:27 kev so i can eat it
    6:46 kev nig
    6:57 kev nooo
    7:10 kev funny coming from a nigger
    7:19 kev ironic his name is nigger slayer

    8:00 kev t
    8:19 kev faggot
    8:37 kev faggot

    9:08 kev ur welcome
    9:15 kev y
    9:19 kev im good
    10:11 kev im going to have my hairy nut sack dipped in vanilla chocolate and then i will procede to put them in your moms mouth
    10:54 kev good
    10:58 kev fucking faggot
    11:19 kev vote me
    11:27 kev try and guess who i am
    11:59 kev nigger
    12:16 kev is ur character black???!!!!!
    12:24 kev are ua balck guy???!!!
    13:33 kev sweet dreams
    13:42 kev hope u have a wet dream
    14:00 kev i would eat margot robbies ass
    14:53 kev fat nigger

    Player Offenses
    SevenForce Intentional Gamethrowing
    kev Other
    SkinWhistle Other

    Previous Offenses


    Skyping (WLx3 May 2020)

    Recommended Action
    SevenForce WLx2
    I am recommending watch lists for both of these players, to ensure they get the memo that hate speech is no longer permitted. Potentially longer watchlist for SkinWhistle due to a previous offense and a report from July 2020 for this same behavior - indicating that he has been doing this for a while.
    kev WLx2
    SkinWhistle WLx2 or WLx3

    Additional Notes
    Thank you for taking the time to submit this report in your effort to make the community a better place

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