72222 was a save that aimed to create a game mode with a 33-33-33 winrate split between the 3 main factions. The Town (7 Players) The Mafia/Triad (4 Players) and the Cult/Neutral(2 Players)

Due to the no faction really having a solid majority it was a chaotic mode where no faction could realistically acheive a voting block and the games were most often decided on the final day only.
It was like a box of chocolates. You never knew what you were going to get.
Anyway as you know due to circumstances outside of my control I am never allowed to host 72222 nor play sc2mafia again therefore I thought I'd post the final results of 72222.
Ideally I wanted a solid 100 games of it to get a really fleshed out picture of the balance of the save, but unfortunately this is all I can do.

Total Full 72222 Games Played (That I witnessed) : 68

Town Wins : 22
Mafia Wins : 10
Triad Wins : 16
Cult Wins : 17
Solo Neut Wins : 3

So in the end 72222 achieved nearly what it set it to do acheiving a 32/38/29 win distribution.

My only complaint would be that the night immunity of the Triad/Mafia helped that eek out that extra win precentage which is why I added jailors back in to the mix halfway through. If I could change one mechanic about the game it would be that solo Dragonheads and Godfathers would be able to demote to Enforcer, forcing the mafia/triad gun dilemma, and eliminating the wins mafia/triad got by having a night immune DH/GF alive.

Anyway to those that didn't rage quit out of 72222 and enjoyed the save, I thank you for playing it with me and helping me test it. It was a good time. Carry on the 72222 legacy.