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    TrollLord 1-S2-1-1960603

    TrollLord 1-S2-1-1960603

    Crimes: Gamethrowing

    I was told to kick this guy in lobby by some players, but I decided against it. Turns out he was truly a thrower. He has mostly mafia games in his history of 2-3 weeks of play. Most likely a smurf.

    He rolls triad, and decides to reveal all his triad members day 1. He does announce that he will throw at the setup.

    -Mafia- (152).SC2Replay
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    Re: TrollLord 1-S2-1-1960603

    ID Verification :

    TrollLord 1-S2-1-1960603 Correct

    Summary :

    Previously known as a player named Yogurt.

    Entering the game TrollLord wrote "dumbass host did not kick Meh so im throwing" "im throwing this game".
    Some persons asked for a kick but did not happen.

    Name themself "Mostache a trap" and rolled Interrogator in slot #1
    Triad team mates are : #2 (INFORMANT), #10 (DH).

    "GG FOR TRIADS" "LMFAO" "1, 2, 10 ARE TRIAD"


    N1: #2 decides to disguise as #6.

    D2: TrollLord instantly sold their team mate saying "2 disguised as 6"
    Marshall revealed, so did Judge, and both Marshall and SK went down

    N2: A warning is justly issued by MrMostache.

    D3: TrollLord decided to taunt Mostache. "awww Mostache are you mad bro" x7
    For some reasons all the Triad managed to stood alive by the end of D3.

    N3: Triad night chat is full of insult.

    D4: TrollLord (#1) is finally put up, spamming non-sense and got guiltied.
    Their lw was : "6 and 10 are other triads. Fuck Meh, fuck Mostache"
    "2 disguised as 6, oh no I might get banned from a free to play game what am i gonna do?"

    In the next two days, the remaining Triad went down on trial with no possible defense.
    Ultimately causing Town's win.

    The game outcome has been affected, Triad should have won this easily.

    Intentional Gamethrowing as a leading crime and Griefing for keeping on doing action after being issued a warning, and the game overall being ruined.

    Player Offenses :

    Intentional Gamethrowing

    Previous Offenses :

    An ignored Griefing case (by user request) (Late April 2021)

    Recommended Action :

    WLx4 or BLx2

    Additional Notes :

    Thanks for the report !
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    Re: TrollLord 1-S2-1-1960603

    While this player was under Watchlist he proceeded to game throw again while in the 1 slot

    TrollLord (1) Giordano Greco: Role as coroner and decided absolutely positively that he NEEDED to lynch me (11 - doctor). With the only reason of it being that I didn't heal Triad's night 1 kill (10). All game he said "you should have healed 10 faggot, you deserve to die!". He spent all game accusing me and making false claims. Even when I was silenced he said I was faking being silenced and claimed that there was no room for Silencer (there was) and that a dead deceiver = support = no room for silencer (deceiver is deception not support).

    He managed to finally successfully lynch me after throwing town off entire game and garnering more and more suspicion of me. It went from being "lynch 11 because he didn't heal 10 n1" to "lynch 11 because if he was really doc he'd be dead by now". 1 then claimed he was executioner after successfully lynching me in order to prevent people from reporting him.

    After 1 died he admitted in death chat that "tbh I was going to do whatever it takes to lynch 11 because I just felt like it LOL".

    He doesn't think what he did was game throwing. I disagree. What do you guys think?

    He thinks mods are stupid and they won't ban him, citing the fact you guys unbanned ZZorange again for like the third time this past month.

    I recommend banlist x4 since he's already on the watchlist x4 for game throwing and this is happening right after he was put on the watch list.


    trollLord int game throwing.SC2Replay

    PS: His name is TrollLord...
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